Processed Food Can Kill You

RiverLethe 33

One of my first attempts at my own deck, instead of net-decking. Critiques welcome.

Basically, this should primarily be a shell game deck; bluffing for kills and scoring when possible. Lots of remotes for traps and assets. Deck needs to be cut down to 50 cards.

Econ should be good from Foods' ID ability with Agroplex and Turtlebacks. There's lots of assets, some of which you'd like to keep up and running, but if they force the runner to run and trash, that's resources they don't have either.

Agenda suite helps support the kill (Fetal and Philotic), Global is just good sense these days (and thematic), Chronos is to punish runner recursion (which I still think is relevant with Faust burning through runner decks), and Nisei was selected because I thought it'd be good to have a paid ability ETR occasionally if I want to protect an agenda I might be trying to score. If I can cut the deck slots by 4, I can also lose an agenda.

Museums and Sponsorships are there to help get back the lower count of traps that I'm running. I tried to find a way to use Plan B and Toshiyuki, which I know are generally viewed as bad cards, but I thought they might add to the type of bluffing I'd want to do in the shell game. I might just need to cut them both, and then I'd be 2 cards closer to my goal of 50.

ICE is where I'm iffy. I'm considering just 3 Swordsman, 3 Komainu and 3 Mother Goddess since we don't need many ICE anyway. I'm even considering just 3 Mother Goddess, but that might be crazy and would require some major re-working. My thinking on that is that very few cards can get through a no-subtype ice, but that's probably a mistake as long as Faust and Anarchs are ruling the meta. ICE is where the most changes will probably occur.

I probably need to go up to 3 Mushin.

Cyberdex is pretty much necessary. Caprice and Batty are there to help protect R&D and maybe a scoring server.

15 Mar 2016 RubbishyUsername

What's your plan here? Cards like Psychic Field, Ronin and Project Junebug indicate that you want to Flatline the runner, and cards like Caprice and Nisei make it seem like you want to play Glacier. Same goes for the ice: Archangel and Tollbooth seem like Glacier choices, but Harvester, Chum and Cortex Lock want to kill them.

16 Mar 2016 RiverLethe

Thanks for the comment. Options, I guess? I'm still fairly noob, so I don't know all the pieces to all the archetypes, so your insight on that is helpful to me. I was thinking it would be lots of remotes for traps and econ, but once I was ready to score agendas, they would need other protection. That may make the bluffs too obvious though?

16 Mar 2016 RiverLethe

Also, R&D needs protection, but maybe I need more ETR subs for that

16 Mar 2016 RubbishyUsername

The issue with going for options is that you need far more cards than you can fit in. You don't have enough ice for a Glacier strategy and you're missing cards like the third Mushin No Shin, and the second Ronin, that are vital for traps. Some cards don't really fit either strategy, like Harvester, Mother Goddess, Adonis and Team Sponsorship. Some of the cards just aren't very good either, like Chum, Plan B and Toshiyuki Sakai.

(Incidentally, the reason those cards are bad is that while they add another level of complexity to mind games, they don't actually make it any more dangerous for the runner or increase your reward, making them effectively wasted card slots. Plan B is especially useless, because it's like naked advancing an agenda that you don't actually get to score).

Also, even in the current meta there's value in including at least a couple barriers. Eli 1.0 is a popular choice if you can spare the influence.

16 Mar 2016 RiverLethe

Good things to consider, thanks. Ice is the thing I'm least confident about how to select when I'm deck-building. I'd also like to cut 4 cards to get it down to 50.

16 Mar 2016 Sorayina

I think you need to run 3 komainus. you are using the agroplex to give the runner more cards, this should help.

16 Mar 2016 ShinShin

I'm not sure about PlanB I don't think it's worth the card space when it could be another caprice or something

16 Mar 2016 RiverLethe

Yeah, I think Plan B is going to get cut

17 Mar 2016 RiverLethe

New version: