Unsustainable Growth

Shockeh 751

Early trial being run on Jinteki, of building a 'PE-esque' deck out of Palana. You lose Net damage, but make a lot more money that enables you to fire your traps.

I am frankly shocked more people haven't cottoned on to the power of Sweeps Week / Agroplex. It is absurdly good, and there's only one deck currently on NRDB using it. Use it, love it.

Core concept was to mill their deck out really; If you hit them with Harvester or Agroplex, their hand rapidly only fills with the cards they really, really need. This drastically increases the impact of any Net damage they take. Basically, hit them less, but hit them harder when you do.

Publishing just for suggestions & critique. This is in no way complete in my mind, but I'm curious to see what others do with it.

16 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

I tried Sweeps Week as my first set of econ packages, but it only ever resulted in a few additional credits each use, which is good, but the Turtlebacks scored me more for 6 less influence. Hope it goes well for you, but it didn't blow my mind as much as I was hoping.

16 Mar 2016 Shockeh

I've realised one error in Jinteki testing - The longer the game goes on, the worse the Sweeps get. Either they get decked out (a lot, as it happens) or they meet Briam Damblage, and their hand size becomes tiny.

Also, it's pointless even trying to score a TFP. You'll never get one down.

18 Mar 2016 x3r0h0ur

Sweeps and CO have some pretty nasty anti-synergy. Honestly scorch is probably best since you have at least snare, and some runners run late, or even go tag me. Seems not the worst.