Grana Palano (1st, Strefa MTG SC, Warsaw, Poland)

romanoSoprano 266

Credits for this list go to Citizenofmelee (Krzysiek Grodecki), who rocked it at SC in Wrocław (12.03.2016)

I repeated his feat the day after at SC in Warsaw, going 6:0 with corp, 4:1 with runner.

Won vs Ken #1, Ken #2, Kate, and three times vs Gabe.

Crisium ofc turned out to be MVP in that meta. But everything else also pulled it's weight. Snares (all of them non-lethal) were fired 100% of the time. Agroplex - kept using 1 whenever I could, even vs Gabe who turned out to be using FIS, making it even more interesting.

16 Mar 2016 donmakaron

Do you consider Palana Agroplex to be useful against Whizzard-Faust decks?

16 Mar 2016 romanoSoprano

I would say: it probably won't play a major role ;p I certainly wouldn't be scared of using it. Worst case scenario - you can overwrite it with something. You generally want to go fast vs Whizzard anyway. And being flooded with cards might not always be such great news for Whizz, especially during setup, and even more so if he has Wyldside out, but no Chronotype yet. But if this would be somehow troubling for him, he can always trash it. Best case scenario - he has a crappy starting hand and this helps you take advantage of it by accelerating your scoring plan.

17 Mar 2016 AsteriskCGY

Boy are low ice draws brutal

17 Mar 2016 romanoSoprano

Played a lot vs criminals that day, who were eager to punish me for any unlucky draw. I'm not sure if a single Account Siphon has successfully landed that day. Ofc, you sometimes got no other choice than to install Swordsman on HQ and put on your poker face, pretending it's Enigma.