Fast Food - Palana Grail Rush

shazzner 817

Fast Food

Fast Food (Please enjoy the random cyberpunk image I found)

Many of us saw potential in Palana, with many builds attempting glacier, horizontal, to even Tenin-fast advance style. I've tried a few of the builds, with some minor success, but I feel rush suites the ID best. The best ice suite for rush you say? Why Grail, of course.

The key to this deck is managing economy and speed. Grail, being relatively cheap, along with the passive credit gain of Palana allows one to keep rushing out agendas without needing to stop and money up.

None of the Agendas need to be explained, though I'm looking forward to the spoiled Improved Protein Source as a one-of.

Two key pieces to this deck are the upgrades, I went with Caprice Nisei and Mumbad City Grid which seems to have been an overlooked card. Caprice keeps the runs from being successful but Mumbad is what makes them really taxing and economical. If you didn't realize by now, but "On encounter add subs to ice until end of run" keep stacking if the runner encounters the same piece of ice during the run.

Imagine this: your scoring remote has a Galahad, a Quandary and a Crick protecting it with Mumbad City Grid, Caprice Nisei, and Braintrust installed in it. The runner runs and you rez the Galahad and Mumbad City Grid (MCG), and you reveal Merlin and Lancelot. No problem, they think, they can break it with their Corroder. They do and continue, only you trigger MCG to move the Galahad down (Swapping with the Quandry). On encounter, you reveal two more grail which get added ontop of the two already there bringing it to 5 subs and so on. Twice, I've seen, runners have gotten to the end and didn't have any credits to fight Caprice Nisei. Don't forget to move the Galahad back to the top!

The best part of this? You didn't have to pay to rez any more ice. For 5 credits you taxed the runner a whopping 15, and they had to get through caprice. It's for that reason, I feel Marcus Batty is too slow and too 'all-in' for this.

Oh and MCG with Komainu is pretty scary too when it gains 10 net damage subs.

Now granted, that's a best case scenario and most of the time you're fast enough to maybe see one MCG or Caprice.

Future iterations will swap out the Wall of Statics with Vanilla. I'm still undecided about Crick in this.

18 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

Some of the best laid plans are made with "the best case scenario" in mind, and the Mumbad/Grail wording is quite special, well spotted. How is economy for you before you score the Corporate Sales Team? With only 5 economy operations does your ID ability give you enough drip?

18 Mar 2016 shazzner

Quite well. Early game, the runner is drawing regardless especially if cards are being installed in remote servers.

19 Mar 2016 formerteen

looks neat! i've got a similar rush setup but using more traditional rush ice than the grail suite. i'm interested to try this, especially since i haven't had much experience with grail ice.

why did you decide to go with Corporate Sales Team and NAPD Contract over Medical Breakthrough?

19 Mar 2016 AsteriskCGY

Corporate money helps shore up the lack of other forms of income the deck has. For the most part scoring the first medical before anything else is a bigger setback compared to any other agenda. I guess NAPD is there because the swing is still useful.

19 Mar 2016 shazzner

@AsteriskCGY exactly

19 Mar 2016 Snake Eyes

Are you not concerned about Faust wrecking the Grail Suite? Komainu is a good hate card, but I don't think it's enough. The runner can choose to jack out before encountering the Komainu after you bounce it down with Mumbad City Grid to avoid having to break it for 10.

If going Grail I'd probably want to add in a swordsman or two. I don't think Fast Track has a place in this deck as you'll be drawing agendas fast enough anyway with the Agroplex and filtering your draw with Daily Business Show.

Interesting deck, I tried Grail MCG out of Harmony Medtech, but I found that it was easier to get kills using the Twins with Komainu, or Marcus Batty on Cortex locks/Neural Katanas.

20 Mar 2016 AsteriskCGY

I also know that Hunting Grounds does silly thing with this many on encounter ice. Lost like silly against an Apex deck.

26 May 2016 Bandura

So glad I found this. Simply wonderful! I mean your Mumbad City Grid idea. This is precisely what I need to tech the SHL3 iteration of Grail Palana against Stealth Andy