So Scandalous

LSK 4574

You want a blue deck? You got a blue deck.

The game plan here is to make it impossible for the corp to score agendas, by using Corporate Scandal / Blackmail to remote camp. When you're ahead enough, you can Blackmail R&D with two RDIs out.

Of course, you only have so many uses of Blackmail, so you want to play Drive By to identify agendas and keep the corp off of upgrades. When Political Operative comes out, you'll be able to handle rezzed upgrades too. Can't wait.

You also have access to Inside Job and Femme Fatale for small servers. These don't get played every game, but having them keeps corps from getting far ahead while you set up.

Supporting this game plan is the The Source / Fall Guy combo. The Source forces corps to telegraph their agendas, and Fall Guy lets you keep The Source around for a large portion of the game. Film Critic lets you take agendas without trashing The Source, and is a prerequisite for running against some decks.

To draw all these combos, we have Drug Dealers, which are the main mulligan target in this deck. Drug Dealers are expensive, so we have Kati Jones to build up money, as well as economy stalwarts Sure Gamble, Daily Casts, Easy Mark, and Bank Job. Easy Mark may look strange, but there will be times you just need it to dig you out of a hole.

This deck runs pretty poor in many matchups, so watch out for SEA Source -> Scorched. You may want to slot a second Plascrete if this is a problem in your meta; Drug Dealer doesn't get you out of double-Scorched range unless you have all three.

18 Mar 2016 Maerik

What about Calling in Favors?

Do you find it's hard to find a Blackmail? Because Planned Assault is in faction

19 Mar 2016 LSK

Update: I went 3-0 at a GNK with this!

19 Mar 2016 ANRguybrush

Ugh I already hate this deck, I hope I never play against it.

Good job I guess. Looks pretty solid.