Gagarin First

Waltzard 369

So, new data pack drops, Mumbad Construction Corp is interesting.

This is a pretty typical Gagarin deck. 1 third assets, remainder split 3 ways between operations, agendas and ice.


Very fundamentally, this is an asset econ deck. No hedge funds or other kind of income. We make our money with pad campaigns and launch campaigns.

This isn't enough, obviously, but that's where the hostile's and team sponsorship come in. I really can't say enough about hostile and team sponsorship in combination. It's really hard for me to imagine a Gagarin deck that doesn't have 3 of each.

The general pattern that they do is that you score a hostile and install lizzy and rez her for 2, so your turn made you 5 creds and a point with no bad pub. If you've got more sponsorships you get back your trahsed stuff or used up launch campaigns.


I'm a sea source, scorch kind of guy. Nothing really to say here. You catch a lot of dudes off guard with scorches out of Gag for some reason.


It's ice. Shrug. Some expensive, some crappy. It'll hold for a while unless they are an ice trashing deck. If so, better hope your team sponsorships bring it back.

Fast Advance:

This is the new hotness. With Mumbad on table you threat Atlas from hand. With Mumbad surviving on table you threat Oaktown in a turn. With Mumbad surviving 2 turns (so 3 counters), you threat Hollywood from hand, often simultaneously scoring an Atlas you've got laying among your stuff.

Mumbad trickery: When you are FAing out a casting called atlas, go one higher and get that sweet tutor power. When they cutlery at your changeling, switch it's type. When you plop down a Holly wood, FA it up before advancing, so that your clicks can double advance something else.

Dedication ceremony is mostly grease. Slap it down on a fire wall if they are a corroder type of person, or a Mumbad if you are rushed (rez mumbad at end of turn, click one dedicate it up to 4 tokens, click 2 install Hollywood, fast advance all 4 counters over to it, click 3 advance to 5 counters, score will surprise a lot of folks).

Singleton Cyberdex. If you can get it face down on table you can duck the instant clot. Atlas counters can help with this a lot.