Palana Glacier (1st @ Level up Games SC, 25 Players)

Fictional 1516

This deck went 5-1 at the Level up Games SC with the only loss to a Noise who milled me out for the win.

As everyone expected Palana is the real deal. With the help of Agroplex this deck prints money and gets you enough cards to rush a viable scoring remote. It is often not hard for me to score a Nisei by turn 3 or 4 and its usually not too hard to rush out the second agenda either. At that point you just use your Nisei token and caprice to finish the game.

Throughout the day I was never poor except in one game against a Ken Faust deck who was able to get the siphon lock on me for a number of turns but I ended up being able to pull out the win in the end.

The key card is Agroplex if you have it early it gets you money and cards feeding you event econ and getting you what you need to score. Easily the best card in the deck and I love to see it in my starting hand.