"Garden Renovations" 2.0

Kelfecil 1786

WRITE-UP: http://kelfecil.com/trimming-the-garden/

Won two Store Championships in a row. In Delft and in Rotterdam without any losses. I will make a more comprehensive report as to why the deck is at this particular state and how I've been making changes to it constantly in order to match the meta.

Most important thing to say here is that I changed from asset economy to operation economy due to the high amount of Whizzard players runnin' around. It went perfectly and I have yet to lose a game.

The Nisei deck in general has about 5 losses in 10 tournaments. I won 7 of those tournaments and most of the losses were due to Silhouette game mistakes (got scorched).

Hokusais and Shocks are another thing. But yes, more details through the write-up soon :)

22 Mar 2016 presheaf

Ok, I'll be that guy - I have absolutely no clue how this deck works. You play Nisei Division, but your only psi games are TFP, Snowflake and Caprice Nisei. Even though you play Scorched, you don't play Cerebral Casts, and even though Mamba is a card which seems to synergize with Self-destruct (and Scorched, for that matter) you don't play that either. Also casual 54 cards because why not. Please do make that report!

22 Mar 2016 RubbishyUsername

If I recall, the premise is to lean heavily on TFP and Caprice to score out a agendas behind little ice even with very few credits because your Identity makes playing Psi games credit neutral on average. Later on in the game you have large enough ice that you can grind out a win RP style. I'm gonna guess Cerebral Casts was dropped because people started wising up and taking the brain, which has very little benefit for you unless you land 2.

22 Mar 2016 Kelfecil

Sorry for the delay guys! I will be uploading an article here when it's finished tonight (after midnight) so all will be explained!

I really want to answer all of your questions and discuss about your concerns, but I just didn't have the time to do so yet. Thanks for the interest though and please stay tuned if you want answers. :)

22 Mar 2016 weepinggorilla

Yeah this is a truly bizarre list but I want to learn! Seems like it could be fun.

23 Mar 2016 pandaman64

I'm pretty sure running a corp deck over 50 without museum is a crime against netrunner.

23 Mar 2016 Kelfecil

@pandaman64 A crime that seems like it has paid off very well. I've been running 54 cards 2 months before Museum of History was even a known card. :)

23 Mar 2016 Kelfecil

I made a write-up! Edited the description of the deck to have the link to the article! :)

28 Mar 2016 Titus Groen

@Kelfecil I've been enjoying the deck immensely although I doubt I'm even close to piloting it optimal. I still haven't lost with it yet though! However, I am curious about the Self-destruct and Subliminal Messaging as they often feel... lackluster? I'm rather new to the game so I don't know what exactly to expect.

Thanks for the write up and deck!

15 Jul 2016 monky

Love to see that you playing always something else. I decided to try your deck, because Im so bad in PSI games. I have to practise :-)