Turntableela, Gang sign. Undefeated SC. 1st before top 4.

Letsaros 2285

This deck went undefeated at the SC for a total of 6-0 facing 4x NEH decks, a Gagarin and an HB. It carried my NeH to top 4 final round. Unfortunately my NeH lost and i ended up 2nd.

I have been working on Leela with Turntable and Gang Sign since they were released and my first version had made it to deck of the week at the time and one of the most liked Leela decks in NRDB. This was the first time i took the deck to a SC since i was in love with Sunny for some time but after seeing NBN bullshit everywhere i got Leela out for a spin.

Sorry to all those that commented on the first published version of the deck and asked for an update on it. I was a bit late but never late than never aye?

Truth is i wanted a deck that crushes yellow no matter the id since the first SC i attended had literally all NBN and 1 Gagarin.

All these months i've been playtesting it every now and then trying to make it better. Actually crushing yellow is big enough of a deal but it had to be at the very least decent vs other corps too. So after months of playtesting it this is the final version and i don't think i'd change anything apart from trying to make some room for Political Operative and Councilman when they get released. Those two cards rule.

  • I will try to go through the deck to explain my choices


Standard criminal events. I had 1 influence left so i went for Employee Strike for the pesky likes of Haarpsicord and IG also the occasional roaming Blue Sun that comes to shit on Whizzard: Master Gamer and lose to everyone else.

  • before you start with the 'omg Letsaros y u no use Fisk Investment Seminar' talk let me go ahead and say t. I've tried it. More than you know. Months of trying to make it good. I didn't like it in this version and since deck space is a thing and it's never enough i booted it.

  • Same for Emergency Shutdown. This deck runs and CAN play aggro but will never be as aggro as standard Leela. Emergency Shutdown is not a necessity. If you find you need it then make space for it. I never missed it in more than 200 games all these months. (yes 200)

  • Drive By. Good card but not enough space and people can always rez their cards if they suspect it. Also we run enough money to trash the likes of Sansans and Team Sponsorships all day long.


  • It's a Gang Sign deck so 3x HQI without a doubt. You need them early...no scratch that... you need them. Period.

  • 1x Plascrete Carapace because you can't be too careful

  • 3x Turntable because 'Turntableela' duh... 3x, not 2x. You need the first to hit the table as early as you can. Even if you have no Gang Sign install. The reason being because the moment the corp scores that juicy Astro you trigger Leela and you have a window to play and steal another agenda on your turn that you can swap for Astro and that is VERY important. I would never go to less than 3x.


I won't go through match detail here. Resources are pretty obvious. 3x Gang Sign because it's what our deck is all about, Kati Jones and Same Old Thing for the same reasons all criminals play them.

  • Bank Job and Data Dealer are meta choices. Bank Jobs are there for easy money in 2 clicks. It's your best econ card vs any NBN deck bar your Account Siphon. You can be at 1 credit, install it. run any remote, get 8, run Sansan and trash it. Data Dealer is for News Team shenanigans and any IG Shi.kyu. Also if you happen to get a 15 Minutes that you can't swap because you have no Turntable installed go ahead. Sell that annoying little yellow piece of cough cough.


  • Pretty standard Criminal stuff. That meaning we use our influence for any good decoders and fracters. Who would have guessed. (Thank you FFG)

  • Added Mongoose because it's awesome. The card speaks for itself. Cheaper to play than the rest of blue Killers and can break most Sentries in the meta cheaper too.

  • Inti . Yes Inti. It's not because i can't find more influence to get a second Corroder. I really could. It's because most NBN decks run Faparound and Resistor and Inti is 2 credits cheaper than Corroder. When you play Criminals, 2 credits early matter. Never install it vs any other id than a yellow one...like ever. (be careful of Elis. Yellow doesn't run 3x anymore but be ready for it. there are crazy, crazy people in this world we live in)

  • 1x Lonely Medium. Would like it to be 2x but no influence. 3 is a big number. Needless to say you since you run a bit less than normal aggro Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist you will have clicks to spare and you will draw. It's a secondary or win condition to put a bigger pressure on RnD. #medium has won me games.

...aaaaaaand that's all folks.

I did my best that i could do with my favorite runner ID. Really wish my corp didn't betray me and lost to the same Whizzard: Master Gamer 3 times. (1 in Swiss and 2 in the double elimination) but it's Whizzard and the guy piloting is a very good player. Well at least i crushed his NEH with Leela twice so i at least got my revenge XD

Thank you all for reading. I hope you like this deck and have fun playig it.

21 Mar 2016 ratzuka

How needed is 3 HQ interfaces?

21 Mar 2016 Letsaros

@ratzuka You just need 1 to be even more effective. I had 1x installed in all my games and it gave me good value. it's the thrid card in this deck i need 3x. not having card draw means i can find it easier. You don't have to install all 3 but if even 1 gang sign is installed it means a free legwork if you have 2x.

In the case of 2x Gang Sign installed and 1x HQI it means 2 accesses of 2 cards each.

They complement each other and who am i to argue?

21 Mar 2016 ratzuka

but with talking about making the deck slots, is 3 necesary, with no draw in the deck i can see why you whould have it as is really key, but how often is the 3 necesary? and how often is it not posible to draw any of them to bad shuffle? whould the deckslot not be more usefull with some of drive by, shutdown you something else?`

21 Mar 2016 Letsaros


I have tried with 2x HQI. Many times actually. There were games that i never drew one. It can happen with 2x of it in the deck. With 3x i really do have 1 installed very early. You almost never need 3x installed at a time though. The third is never installed usually. Mostly pitched.

If i had 2 clciks for drive by i would prefer to play Bank Job and run for the trash and ususally have credits left. the moment people suspect you have Drive By (which happens early in a tournament) is the moment they install everything and immediately rez them.

21 Mar 2016 CodeMarvelous

my only concern with this deck is you are forever hard drawing. How often does that hurt you?

21 Mar 2016 Letsaros

@CodeMarvelous Not much. Criminal Shenanigans combined with Leela's passive allows us to be able to apply pressure. Corps are afraid of bouncing HQ ice and hitting siphons and legworks or lucky RnD accesses.

Don't get me wrong it's not that card draw wouldn't be nice. But i think the influence in this deck (bar the Inti ) is precious and needed. The non influence draw like Earthrise Hotel would be a tempo hit in this particular deck.

22 Mar 2016 Salindurthas

Why Armitage Code Busting over Daily Casts?
They both profit the same amount over their lifespan (5 in raw credits, 3 if you include click each for draw&play).

Armitage can pay out sooner, but forces you to basically click for credits.

Daily Casts pays out later, but you can spend those 6 clicks doing something else (and if you click for credits with them, you will make as much money as Armitage just slightly later)

22 Mar 2016 Letsaros


Usually the econ is enough that you don't click on Armitage a lot. Personally i use it more bursty when i need money on the spot. At least in my experience but maybe that's because i have played countless games with this deck and know it's econ use better than someone who would try it right of the bat.

Having said that though there would be logic in switching out -1 Armitage -1 Data dealer for +2 Daily Casts but only when the News Teams gtfo my local meta. Someone who doesn't see a lot of News Teams could play like this :)

22 Mar 2016 mohaymen

I've been playing this deck and i was thinking about switching legwork with CBI raid or anything else since we got the hq access covered with 3 gang and 3 hq interface.

22 Mar 2016 Letsaros

@mohaymen I thought about CBI raid. Thing is you don't want, under any circumstances to help them safekeep the agendas they have in hand. You don't want to reset their hand for any reason. You want it flooding.

Also Legwork is important. Even if only turntable is installed when they score that astro or whatever you can legwork them to swap it even if you have no Gang Sign or HQI in play.

25 Mar 2016 WayneMcPain

Dirty Laundry is so underwhelming without Desperado or Security Testing. Would you consider Easy Mark instead, so you can bounce from low credits? Or is it mostly for click compression with Bank Job?

Also, say I wasn't as concerned with absolutely crushing yellow and wanted to make the deck more general purpose. Would dropping a Turntable, adding a 2nd Medium and more econ be advisable? Or maybe even switching to Logos?

I guess in a yellow meta it makes sense, but I just don't see enough economy or (any) draw options. But you've got a ton of experience with it so maybe I just need practice.

Very cool deck though. Loved the original, love this one.

25 Mar 2016 Letsaros


Dirty Laundry is there for click compression with as you said and for the synergy with Bank Job. You need that run+cred at the same click vs any NBN but is also good vs other id's.

As about the second point. Well i don't only face yellow. In the SC i went i also faced against a Gagarin and an HB glacier which i both won over. It is pretty good vs other ids too. It just fairs extremely well vs NBN ids. Yesterday i faced a PE. Had a bad start and he had a very good one. He drew no agendas in starting hand and the moment he drew his first one he had a remote ready with caprice. Even though i pressured RnD with Medium out every turn i found nothing. So his first agenda was a The Future Perfect followed by a Nisei MK II a few turns later.

Although i had full Gang Sign combo he had no agendas in HQ and runs with 3-counter Medium turned nothing. It was that hopeless until i managed to steal 1 agenda from RnD at some point. Switched it with Turntable to get the Nisei. Then just pressured RnD more to swap another for the TFP going from 0-5 to 7-4. I bounced the agenda he had on remote to his HQ the last click Legworked for the win. I hadn't draw a second turntable by then although half my deck was out. It was the first one that i had play much earlier.

Turntable is love, turntable is life :P

26 Mar 2016 spags

Solid! My fave Crim. I agree on the FIS. That card is really for one deck: Leela DLR

26 Mar 2016 Letsaros


Thanks mate. Keep up the Leela work.

26 Mar 2016 TonyStellato

genuine question,

HB rezzes an Architect or two. How do you get through it efficiently?

26 Mar 2016 Letsaros


There are 2 Faeries, 1 Mongoose and a Femme. You can handle runs through architects. Also it's not that common for a corp to find and rezz 2 architects in the same server by mid game. Especially since most HB decks play 2x. Also inside Job.

28 Mar 2016 dmartel

@Letsaros, thx for the tips, much appreciated :-)

28 Mar 2016 Letsaros

@dmartel Anytime mate :)

28 Mar 2016 Letsaros

@dmartel Anytime mate :) (i hate how i can't edit posts)

28 Mar 2016 lolpaca

How do you play vs PE? (Aside from very, very carefully)

28 Mar 2016 Letsaros

@lolpaca Pretty easy actually. Draw fast to assemble your rig asap. PE (or IG at that matter) can't score easy. usually if they try to score is through naked remotes and the agendas are 3/1 usually or a Fetal. Do not install gang sign to avoid snares. Try to use your id to find key moments to siphon them to keep the mpoor so you can facecheck an advanced trap/agenda without danger or to legwork HQ.

Soon you'll have your breakers out. Turntable is a plus but not important. though it can be used to swap their House of Knives for other 3/1 you might steal. Remember that besides your breakers and maybe Kati your whole deck is expendable vs them. Never discard cards you overdraw. Run and let them be discarded to net damage. If you discard on your own it's like throughing away your hit points.

Added bonus for bouncing their installed cards after a scored agenda or a stolen one.

Personally i haven't lost to PE or IG like forever with Leela but you don't have to believe it. It's on the internet so it can't always be true :P So just try it for yourself and after frying your brain to net damage on the first few games you'll see that it's a match up in your favor. Not theirs.

28 Mar 2016 Letsaros

throughing=throwing :P (who do i pay so i can be able to edit my comments?)

28 Mar 2016 junkmail

I'm vaguely perplexed by 46 cards.

30 Mar 2016 jgoahl

What do you think of losing 2 Same Old Things and adding 2 Mr. Li?

30 Mar 2016 Letsaros

@jgoahl SoT have saved my ass more than you can imagine. Also if your rig is so you don't need to Special Order for anything to reshuffle the deck Mr Li can be a pain as he makes sure the cards that go at the bottom won't see play for ever.

30 Mar 2016 TeachMeToAim

Awesome deck. How do you plan to make room for Political Operative and Councilman?

31 Mar 2016 chill84
31 Mar 2016 Letsaros


Read it last night. Been a fan of your FusionHaa reviews for a while now since i read one at Netrunner Geeks. Though i do disagree on some things it was a good read. :)

11 Apr 2016 CorpRunnerzoom


Love this deck, man, and am planning on taking it to Regional next month. How do you deal with asset spam and single remotes ala EtF? I feel like Asset spam spreads me so thin i can't do anything, and then I spend a lot of time clicking to build my rig and get through the centrals. I had the tempo of the decklist last week, and now I've lost it.

Also, what is your ideal starting hand? Should I mulligan if I don't pull Gang Sign right away?

Anyway, I've been feeling frustrated at having a great deck, and piloting it like shit lol.

13 Apr 2016 Letsaros


Thanks for the praises :)

It all depends on who does the asset spam. If it's an NBN deck then you don't mind much. As long as you kill the Sansans and the Team Sponsorships it fine. You just pressure RnD a bit and let the combo hit their HQ while hitting HQ with Legworks if the combo pieces are not all installed at the time you need to swap the astro. Remember that agendas you steal with Gang Sign cannot be midseasoned in case of Sync or some butchershop variant.

In case of IG with bioethics combo...well that's tricky. Personally i think the only Criminal runner that can face it equally is Gheist. IG was an even match up before Bio-Ethics+Mumbad City Hall build now it's something like 30%-70%. Bad Match up overall.

Vs HB single remote you have to apply RnD pressure even with single access and only snipe the remote when needed. Siphon can help you if they money up fast. HB run about 9-10 agendas so it's not uncommon to have 1 in hand and 1 in the remote.

The latest version of this deck that i am playing now has 2x PolOp 2x hostage and 1x ProCo. So i can deal better vs Caprice+Batty while also gaining Credits while i draw with an early ProCo. I think it's a better version but still a 30-70% match up vs the New IG.

14 Apr 2016 moeljartin

@Letsaros What came out for the PolOp, Hostage, and ProCo? I assume Armitage, Data Dealer, and Employee Strike? Then Inti for the other influence?

14 Apr 2016 Letsaros

@moeljartin You assume correct :)

15 Apr 2016 CorpRunnerzoom


I like those changes. I'll give them a shot. Played with the current build last night and lost to an NBN. I has insane RD pressure going, but he luckily had his agendas pretty darn down there.

15 Apr 2016 Letsaros

@CorpRunnerzoom Can happen in very rare occasions if every single draw you click for is not good AND you had a bad mulligan. I haven't lost to an NBN deck yet tbh but i have been close some rare times when my mulligan and/or early draws hppen to be bad.

15 Apr 2016 CorpRunnerzoom


Yeah, lol, he was shocked when I accesd RD for 5 cards and didn't nab the final agenda.

27 Apr 2016 dmartel

@letsaros, finally getting the hang of it. The addition of ProCo has tremendously helped the build. Awesome deck.

27 Apr 2016 CorpRunnerzoom


How are you faring against IG? What's your strategy?

27 Apr 2016 CorpRunnerzoom

@dmartel Sorry meant to say above comment to you, lol. Wish I could edit comments.

24 Jul 2016 gensym

Is this deck still viable now that AstroScript Pilot Program is limited to 1 per deck?