Roundhouse Leela

phys137e 23

I went 6-0 with this deck at The Uncommons Store champs in NYC today. I came in second, because I am bad at corping (and because El-ad is a really good player)!

It's a fun deck to play, I'm not claiming it's Tier 1, but some of the folks at the tourney seemed interested in how it worked so I figured I would post it. Yes, I know 46 cards is 1 too many :) In retrospect, maybe the Emergency Shutdown could be cut.

Early game, the goal is to land an indexing, legwork, or a siphon. The 1-off planned assault let's me go grab whichever of those is most appropriate.

Midgame is all about Logos - it's great for haymaker turns after the corp scores. Most common Logos targets are Indexing, Sneakdoor, Plascrete, R&D Interface, or a breaker. Save the Inside Jobs for these turns.

Sometime in the mid to late game, I'll usually grab the Sneakdoor. It's essentially there to make the corp defend archives, overwrite it once they've iced it up.

Late game, this deck falls behind, especially against glacier (Caprice at the bottom of a server). Looking forward to some of the cards in Democracy in Dogma to fix those issues.

The Hades Shard is in there mostly to make the Indexing easier to use. Basically, once you put a Hades Shard on the board, the corp will pop Jacksons preemptively. Then you don't have to trash them yourself before Indexing.

There are a couple of silver bullets mixed in here, like Data Dealer (for news teams) and Scrubber (for asset spam). Those are meta dependent - I was expecting a lot of Sync, but didn't end up seeing it. Also, I'm loving the Mongooses instead of Faeries. They make the rig much more sustainable.