Apex - Obliteration

Butler223 70

This iteration of Apex is designed to fire and follow up on Apocalypse - which seems to be an extremely powerful card, especially for Apex. Using Bookmark, I should be able to quickly reset my board with key cards, and continue the attack on a severally weakened Corp.

Along with the full suite of Apex cards, I have the following included:

21 Apr 2016 mmik

I don't think you can use bookmark before apoc flips it over, can you?

21 Apr 2016 Butler223
  • Run HQ
  • Run Archives
  • Run R&D
  • Trigger Bookmark
  • Play Apocolypse
21 Apr 2016 mmik

Ok, so you take everything off bookmark, then flip it all over with apoc? Maybe I'm missing something.

21 Apr 2016 Butler223

Perhaps - you see that Bookmark is Click or Trash to trigger, yeah? The idea is to have your key cards in hand when you fire the Apoc, so that next turn you can still have maximum pressure on

21 Apr 2016 mmik

Perhaps there's reason to have bookmark in the deck still, but if I'm understanding what you're trying to do:

You cannot trash bookmark and then "interrupt" it with apoc, or the other way around, to get benefit from both. Once you declare one, you need to resolve it before using another effect.

Jackson Howard, for example, cannot be used in response to a trashing of hades shard, to shuffle cards into your deck. You'd have to use him before the shard hits the table to guarantee safety. (It can be installed and trashed in the same window, not allowing response from Corp)

Am I reading you right? If it's not serving the purpose you intended, the influence is likely better spent elsewhere. You can always confirm with someone else, I could be wrong.

21 Apr 2016 Butler223

I'm not sure what the issue is - you Trash bookmark after click3, before you use Apoc on click4, thereby having key cards in hand next turn when the board is empty

21 Apr 2016 mmik

The issue is I totally misunderstood, haha sorry. In my head I thought you were trying to install cards off of bookmark in response to apoc. Ugh.

I guess if that's working out for you, great. It feels like too much effort for too little benefit, though. I'd rather just install whatever I don't need and draw into the rest.

21 Apr 2016 Butler223

Yeah thats fair. My thought is that the power of Apoc is lost a bit if I cant apply pressure straight away