Prime Time Massacre v1.0

shadowhawk 255

Store Championship winner in Vienna.

win against Andromeda, Hayley, Noise

loss against Whizzard

22 Mar 2016 Veste

Well done on the win! I really would like to play something like this, but Shi.Kyu is basically a dead card in my meta, and without a reliable way to deal with Film Critic I'm nervous about my success.

23 Mar 2016 shadowhawk

@Veste I recommend to try this deck, it's really fun to play. If you feel Shi.Kyū isn't for you, you can replace it with other ambushes: Shock!, Ronin, Psychic Field, or Cerebral Overwriter if you can sqeeze in the influence. I think Ronin especially good, because it opens up more kill option.

Film Critic is not a big deal. Runners usually won't use it on 1-pointers, because they fear from the bigger ones (Fetal AI, The Future Perfect). And if they use it, they will be slowed down. It's 2 click to unload it, and they won't run with a loaded one. You will lose some net damage, but you can win with fast advance and bluffing too.

The real threat to this deck is Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist. If she is popular in your meta, you will have a hard time pilot this kind of decks. The other threat are the expert Jinteki players, because they know how to play against Jinteki.

11 May 2016 jrandom

@shadowhawk how often do you use 24/7 in this deck, and do you only use it to fire philotic or do you sometimes use it on something else?

11 May 2016 shadowhawk

@jrandom The plan is to use it for a kill, so basically it's in for the Philotic Entanglement. Maybe you can encounter some weird situation, where it's good to double Chronos Project, but that is just a theory.

I use it as often as I can, but only for a kill. :) So maybe once or twice every 5 games.