Psycho Scorcher (Action Comics Las Vegas Store Championship

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rediknight 58

Was torn on bringing this to a 2nd store championship because my local meta was very familiar with it. However that didn't change its effectiveness and glad I stuck with it because I only lost 1 game with it between 2 store championships.

Deck has 3 win conditions! 1. Scorched Earth from Sea Source or Midseasons Tags 2. Fast Advance 3. Psycho Beale

Some people might ask the following questions:

Why not just play Making News and get the extra 3 influence? Because the max hand size of 6 is much more valuable to me than the 2 trace credits are. Might run 2 traces all game and more than likely have plenty of money to win the trace outright. With a Max Hand Size of 6 it makes HQ runs less likely to score for the runner and I can hold onto a Midseasons and Psychographics for awhile without having to dump agendas as much into archives.

Why 49 cards in TWIY*? So started this deck as an achievement deck for a league to get 2 achievements. Those 2 achievements were score a 5 pt. Psycho Beale and have less than 10 ice in your deck. Eventually went up to 49 cards to add the extra win condition of Fast Advance. Its original version had no SanSan's in it. The 49 card variety has worked great and even though its low on ice a single Data Raven on HQ and R&D will work wonders in the early game. Also I use Jackson mostly for card draw and to recycle economy. Don't have to use him too often to save dumped agendas.

Between 2 store championships I took 2nd in one and 1st in another. One game I won with a 5pt. Beale. At least 2 other games won with Scorched Earth including a Triple Scorched when the guy had 2 Plascretes out.