Detective Work

Pinkwarrior 2278

Still in early days but I wanted to share the idea as it's doing rather well despite been a little big.

Corporate Scandal's a key card to the deck to open up Blackmail and Investigative Journalism

Raymond Flint an old card that's proven it's worth in this build. 2 credits for expose and draw isn't really good but it dose help when wondering weather to Blackmail a server or not and Tech Trader gives you some of that back.

Investigative Journalism on it's own giveing the corp a bad pub & drawing a card isn't much of a use of your turn, but combo'd with Tech Trader's & ol Raymond Flint suddenly you get a HQ access and some credits which certainly makes it alot more worth while.

24 Mar 2016 Smattc

48 cards is a lot without a reliable early game draw engine. How have you been finding that aspect?

24 Mar 2016 Pinkwarrior

So far it's been ok it dose need a little more trimming tho just need alittle more info to figure out what I can get rid of.