Marcus Batty taught me how to off it

Morgoth 26

an idea of using Marucs and Toshiyuki

24 Mar 2016 FaceDownNinja

Is there any synergy between the two? By the time Toshiyuki triggers off (on access) it is too late to fire off Batty, right?

24 Mar 2016 stoppableforce

The idea, I imagine, is to use your Batty to fire a sub from Hudson 1.0. If, after that, the runner accesses Toshi and the corp swaps it for an agenda, the runner cannot access it because they've already accessed 1 card this turn.

We're pretty deep in the jank tank here.

24 Mar 2016 stoppableforce

1 card this run, pardon me.

24 Mar 2016 Morgoth

yes :) that is the idea

26 Mar 2016 FaceDownNinja

Oh we are into full blown three card levels of jank... I love it. Also just Hudson and Sakai seems like a decent enough combo and might finally be enough of a reason for me to take another look at Mr Toshiyuki.