Processed Food Can Kill You 1.2

RiverLethe 33

OK, fairly extensive changes from the original. Same game plan; asset spam, shell game, net damage. Score your agendas as you would any other Jinteki shell game antics.

Got the cards down to 49 (even though I didn't use two influence). After thinking about the honeymoon phase with the new Mumbad assets, I decided that while Jackson and Team Sponsorship are still available, the Museums aren't really necessary. It's a great card, and obviously an answer to when Jackson cycles out though. Same for the Temple and Agroplex; this deck shouldn't have an econ problem without them. This enabled me to up the trap/ambush count.

I feel better about the ICE suite now. I know people don't really use Bullfrog, but I thought I'd try it to shift accesses away from agendas and into traps. ICE is still the area I'm least confident about though.