Technically A Trope

Pinkwarrior 2330

My build of a new ghiest deck using trope to keep your deck going.

So why Trope to replace Levy AR Lab Access. well true it's slower or shuffles less back into your deck and takes up MU but it has it's advantages 1 the biggest of which been that it's not on the restricted list which opens up the use of Film Critic/Employee Strike 2 very powerful cards. but it also doesn't clog the hand like levy since you whack it down and leave it this also means it's not going to get sniped by damage. Though i find alot of the time i have more counters on trope than cards in my heap honestly tho you could easily get away with only 2 Trope's in here but i like to get 1 early and ticking over. It's also cheaper to play and triggers Technical Writer.

Underworld Contact is my Hostage replacements with all the link needed for your breakers it seems an easy fit to get the econ flowing I've seen people using 1 of Wasteland but unless your firing your ability off every turn UC seems as useful since wasteland is only once per turn unlike Tech Trader and UC is inf free which is certainly a good reason to use it over wasteland imo.

The Source to camp remotes and stop that FA game it dose it's job very well and well worth the 4 inf spent on it.

Film Critic the crutch of the deck one of about half the runner cards i really understand why is on the restricted list. This thing helps deals with ID's such as Argus,harrp & PE gets round problem agendas like QPM and other cards like hunter seeker & punitive. On top of all that the card combo's with cards in the deck such as The Source & Aumakua you could also add The Turning Wheel to the equation.

Technical Writer one of the main econ cards of the deck with all the programs and hardware in the deck.

Dean Lister their to help in a tight spot and to work with your main breaker Aumakua which incidentally is an amazingly efficient breaker that works well with the B&E set.