Reina - Pay the PrICE

Myxus 22

(Terrible, terrible name, but I couldn't resist.)

This is my Reina ICE denial deck that I've only played a couple times so far. The basic gist is to make it expensive for the Corp to rez ICE. Ideally, you want to keep the Corp poor with Lamprey, Vamp, and Rook.

Emergency Shutdown and Crescentus make it that much harder for the Corp to constantly rez ICE.

I've always liked the click saved from Deep Red for Rook and Knight and the extra memory synergizes well with Overmind. e3 Feedback Implants also makes my breakers more cost-effective against multi-sub ICE.

I have no damage prevention and would definitely consider fitting in I've Had Worse. I was hard-pressed to slot in Account Siphon due to influence, but would definitely consider finding a way to put 1 or 2 in.

Any suggestions and feedback are welcome! Thanks!