Sheffield Cube Season Spring '16 Corp

ptwiddle 50

Based closely on the Stimhack cube with input from the Birmingham cube and some personal tweaks -- Weyland's construction theme should be well represented in the steel city. Biggest change is adding JHow to the starting pack.

Each player starts with: 5 Priority Requisitions 1 Jackson Howard 2 Private Contracts

25 Mar 2016 Metaphysics

I'm in

25 Mar 2016 ptwiddle

@Metaphysics -- great! Not sure who you are -- have you commented on the facebook thread? Going to have a separate sign up thread each week, as I imagine not everyone will make every week.

25 Mar 2016 Metaphysics

It's Ben, I foolishly posted here before remembering that facebook has comments

26 Mar 2016 Shmeguy

I'm going to steal the idea of putting Jackson in the starting pack, put those alt arts to work. I've also been tweaking the Stimhack cube for our Southampton game nights, and I've found the corp to be really disadvantaged which was largely fixed by removing a lot of the trashy agendas that no one wants and don't fit into a 6 point score plan (Posted Bounty, QPM, Underway Renovation) and replaced them with other good cards. I also removed magnum opus from the cube.

26 Mar 2016 ptwiddle

@shmeguy Have you seen the Birmingham cube list? Following them, I cut the runner econ a lot -- no opus, removed the kati, one of the security testing, for more one shot modded/dirty laundry/career fair type things. They also had grail ice as well, but was worried that'd help rush too much? Someday want to try grail in, though.

Also, definitely if you have less than 8 people, put 11 cards in the corp packs -- corp decks are usually 4 cards bigger, so giving them 4 more cards makes sense. Almost thought about making corp cube 352 for that reason, but then it would dilute everything and seemed too much work for now.

Haven't actually tried the Jackson in starter yet -- we'll see how it goes?

27 Mar 2016 Shmeguy

Yeah 11 cards makes sense I'll try that. Yeah the runner needs to be toned down quite a bit. Last draft I set up: Desperado, Sec test, John Masanori, Da Vinci, Bank Job, and a full stealth rig, my deck was basically stealth Andy. I think grail is fine, you have to commit to getting as many grail as you can which sometimes means renouncing stronger cards in the pack.

1 Apr 2016 ichigokuto

@ptwiddle Was great fun dude! looking forward to it again. Still quite stoked i managed to draft, build and play out a DDoS-Apocalypse combo, and then managed to Psychobeale for 11 creds for a corp win!! top fun! (maybe i only needed 6AP?)