Palana Grail (The District/Eau Claire Store Champs)

Axlotl 2605

Mumbad City Grid + grail means you can keep stacking grail subroutines with multiple encounters. Also makes incredibly lethal Komainus. (For example, a Merlin encountered three times using the grid takes 18 cards for Faust to break.) The scoring server gets quite expensive with very little economic investment. I generally build a 3 ice server first before rushing agendas.

Beyond the Mumbad City Grid, its pretty standard Palana. I had a version before without Foods, that ran an Ichi 1.0 and Crisium Grid. I think both versions have merits.

The District's tournament was 8 people. Deck was 2-1 on the day, with commanding victories in the first 2 rounds, something like 7-2 or 7-4 each time. The last round I lost to Indexing two turns in a row, each finding an agenda. I didn't have time to shore up RnD as I was running up against the clock after a long first game, and had to push a Global Foods out to try for a draw. I think I would have had a very good chance of winning in the long game.

In top cut, I got stuck playing runner twice, and lost 6-7 both times. I was pretty bummed that i didn't get to pilot this deck in top cut.

28 Mar 2016 hutch9514

Love the deck. I love Mumbad City Grid. However i wasn't a fan of the Palana Agroplex. It seems that you don't need it because the runner draws every turn anyway. I made the change of dropping that and adding another mumbad and maybe more econ or something. But that is just my thoughts.

28 Mar 2016 AsteriskCGY

Agroplex is more for pushing your own game rather than a source of income. Saving a click for a draw means being able to find more grail pieces sooner and building a scoring server faster.

28 Mar 2016 hutch9514

That is fair. I am still not a big fan of running it in my version but i like what you're doing with it.

28 Mar 2016 Axlotl

Agroplex usually doesn't sit in play for an entire game. I drop it early and kill it once I'm set up, or drop it between agendas to help find the next one to rush out.