Eat my Link monkeyboy MK 5

PsymonTheWizard 268

These days you see a lot of tracer ice around, like assassin and archangel. One solution is to include gingerbread, the other is to have a shitload of link! :P

I used it in our local store championship, in which I got first place and it lost only once during swiss. It is important to say that I read the meta well and didn't encounter a lot of NEH fast advance, which is the toughest matchup. This deck punishes glacier decks and has some teeth against NEH fast advance. It also is a very hard cookie for kill decks.

On a perfect setup you get 8 for free per turn but realistically you get about 4 to 5 and a card from Massanori. I avoid installing Massanori if I play against Glacier but it is a very important card if you are up against asset heavy decks. If you expect to face only Glacier and a lot of Opp economy decks I'd remove John Massanori, access to globalsec and Security testing and the scrubber to add 3x Rabbitholes, 3x quality time, a third Datasucker and one sure gamble.

The strategy is rather simple. Make a run only once per turn but make it count (with both interfaces) other than that you just sit back, make more money than the corp and apply pressure where applicable.

27 Mar 2016 evilgaz

I played in a SC yesterday and it was mostly NEH fast advance (temples or otherwise) at the top tables, how do you handle the early asset pressure or fast advance strategy?

Also, most effective kill decks rely on 24/7 Breaking News for the kill rather than tracing, is there something else you think helps in that match up - or are you relying on seeing Plascrete? I'm wondering why you think this deck is a tough cookie for kill.

I find Sunny a bit too slow, but glad you had success with her!

27 Mar 2016 Pinkwarrior

@PsymonTheWizard This looks very close to the sunny deck I've been running for sometime. I use Street Peddler's instead of Diesel's tho and have Multithreader. But I don't focus on my link with only the Nexus their. The Security Testing John Masanori Jak Sinclair combo is the same and with the similarity's I can see how it did well in a glacial match up.

All in all I can't hold fault to it tho good build.

27 Mar 2016 PsymonTheWizard

@evilgaz The 24/7 is a little slower than the traditional sea source and rely too much on sneaking a Breaking News and/or Data Raven + kittycat agendas. The best answer to this is Security Nexus. I found that nexus and one Plascrete Carapace is an adequate enough defense. If you are too worried you might add a 3rd plascrete, just in case.

The asset pressure is tricky, depending on what I have, I usually invest on killing assets and let my drip economy give me the edge. Utilizing Security Testing + Jak Sinclair + John Masanori, you get a good income and card draw so you can keep up.

If a NEH fast advance has a good start and I don't then there is just up to me being lucky :P Like I said, NEH fast advance is the toughest matchup. In this case I read the local meta rather well and we had very little pure NEH FA so I was fine.

@Pinkwarrior I tend to add and remove Multithreader from my deck all the time. I still can't decide if I want them or not. These days I'm in a no Multithreader mood :P On the other hand, I haven't considered using Street Peddler, I'll give it a spin!

28 Mar 2016 hutch9514

I like the list, but i feel like the security testing is too much for me. I'd rather have the Multithreader as well.