2nd Corp Deck - Scoring w/ Traps

n00noom4st3r 1


28 Mar 2016 n00noom4st3r

Ees amazering. Uhnbuhreevabruw.

28 Mar 2016 Oneiro

Could you please stop spamming decks? You don't need to publish decks to save them. If you want tipps or discussion on a deck write a brief description and some information on what you would like to achieve. What you are doing right now serves no real purpose other than dragging attention away from interesting decks on the front page.

6 Apr 2016 n00noom4st3r

@Oneiro I am not trying to do any of that. My friend wanted to see my decks and I thought the easiest way to achieve that was to publish them. I apologise if I did draw any attention away from the popular decks, but please understand this was not my intention and if you know of any other ways I can privately share decks, please don't hesitate to inform me of them.