Hayley's Free-for-all

50ft 25

An absolutely zero cost deck (all cards have a zero cost)! Feed the Hunger without ever needing credits! Happy April Fool's Day!

Like most college students, Haley is on a VERY strict budget and lives on all things that are free. Not willing to spend a SINGLE credit on herself, instead she tackles corporate greed the only way she knows how: time and energy. She's always on the move Always Be Running, often pulls All-nighters, study's hard (Bookmark), and idealistic up to the point for willing to sacrifice everything she owns (Endless Hunger).

In a pinch, Councilman (dad) can help out and she does have a small budget (Paricia) that her mom gives her with strict instructions on how to use it. Her Artist Colony friends can help out from time to time and, on a rare occasion, those Street Magic talents can pull her through a tough spot.

2 Apr 2016 morimli