BigBoy IG Bio-Ethics Lock

TheBigBoy 8594

The goal of this deck is to create a board-state with:

6+ facedowns in archives with 2-3 shocks.

1-2 Hostile Infrastructures installed

2-3 Bio-Ethics Associations installed

Possibly a Genetics Pavillion installed (extra good vs Geist and Quality Time decks)

1-2 Museums installed

Ice that cannot be trashed over HQ and R&D

Annoying ICE on Archives.

9-18 points worth of agendas in the bin

1-2 Jacksons installed

At this point. You have probably won the game despite not scoring any points. The runner is taking 2-4 passive damage every turn (since you can also spam Neurals at them which you repeatedly shuffle in). If they want to trash a bio-ethics they have to pay significant a significant card and credit cost only for you to shuffle it back in with museum the next turn, dig for it with jackson, and reload archives.

Mumbad City hall makes this all possible. This is museum 4-6 that also searches for all of your Mumba temples, allowing you to painlessly rez your ICE on centrals very early so you don't bleed a tfp in the first few turns (one of the main ways you can lose). Additionally, you can play a Heritage Committee out of your deck, netting 2 cards and replacing the worst card in your hand (an agenda) with something else. City hall shuffles that card away after Heritage resolves. You can recycle the Heritage with Museum as needed. Add in 1-2 turtlebacks and all your City Hall Durdling turns into serious Cash.

When the runner goes to disassemble your lock, the 4 clicks they have to spend to do so are usually very predictable and mandatory (run archives, run hostile, run 2x bio-ethics, for example). This means the turn before you can install a naked Chronos Project, and effectively kill them if they were relying on Levy, or lock them out if you net-damaged a key breaker they were planning to recur later. Since the runner almost always needs a TFP to win, getting 1 Chronos stolen pretty much never matters.

Architect may seem like a lot of influence on ICE for a horizontal deck, but having ICE that will stick for the whole game is CRITICAL. You want Faust players to essentially never be able to run centrals cheaply, because if you can force them to play your remote game all game, City Hall and Museum will carry you to victory.

After testing I would like to fit in a 3rd Hostile Infrastructure, possibly cutting 1x PAD Campiagn/Turtlebacks or 1x Hedge Fund. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with the deck. I have yet to lose a game with it, but it's still too early to really say how good it is.

This is the only deck I've ever played that is more fun and more cruel than having an active scored Private Security Force. I have had several opponents just stare blankly at the board and ask "What the hell do I do now?"


1 Apr 2016 thebigunit3000







1 Apr 2016 rumirumirumirumi

I've seen a list like this somewhere else (can't remember whose) but I like taking IG kill in a direction that's different from Hinke's. It's not playing around with advanced servers or any real trap play, just Shocks for archives damage and Snare for R&D defense. I'm exited to see this style develop.

1 Apr 2016 Parzival

Disgusting and delicious. This I like.

1 Apr 2016 Letsaros

I really like it. I might take it for spin and test it myself. According to your experience with it how possible would it be to find 2 influence and swap the Wall of Static with a Hive? They cost the same to be parasited but Hive won't be Knifed anytime soon and it's just 2 more to rez but since you got MT i don't see it as a problem.

1 Apr 2016 Qualistarian

Why Hedge Fund instead of Diversified Portfolio? It seems like other than on turn 1, you're more likely to make more money out of DP.

1 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

@QualistarianThe whole point of hedge fund to to help you get your good ICE up early without sacrificing tempo on your asset game. By the time I would play a diversified, I don't need a burst econ card anymore. I had 1 diversified in my first draft, but it didn't seem consistent and more than 1 would burn a whole in my hand early game.

If the runner gets 2 agendas on a TfP early game it takes away A LOT of your options. A lot of my choices are geared towards preventing that from happening.

1 Apr 2016 Letsaros


My guess is because he needs the econ boost kinda ealry. IG always had the late game with a full board. Diversified Portfolio is not good in opening hand. In a first turn where you would draw-install, clicking for money is kinda meh. While Hedge Funding in a single click for 9 creds is better.

1 Apr 2016 Trilkin

Absolutely gross. 10/10

2 Apr 2016 nootroonoor

Blacklist. This list needs blacklist.

2 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

@nootroonoorI think it's a bit win-more, but feel free to try it. I don't know what I'd cut for the influence.

2 Apr 2016 yog-sothothry

What's the thinking behind the 1-of ashigaru? It seems quite different from the other ice- its much more expensive, for one. What role does it play in the deck?

2 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

@yog-sothothryLocking people out once your economy is established. Either stop siphon spam on hq or stop indexing on R&D.

2 Apr 2016 MikeJS

I watched you play this deck a few times last night against a very strong Kate player. It was disgusting. I strongly dislike this deck. And that's about the biggest compliment I could pay it. I would absolutely dread playing against this deck. Time to start splashing/playing Hacktivist. Now.

2 Apr 2016 MikeJS

Oh, and 3x Imp, obviously. Damn Orange cards!

2 Apr 2016 hbarsquared

@MikeJS don't forget Archives Interface! With all the Corp recursion around, that card's time to shine is nigh.

2 Apr 2016 Dothanite

I sleeved this up yesterday and played four games with it. I love museum decks anyway, but this is just perfect.

The Chronos Project is the MVP in the deck so far - people have almost forgotten about it, and it helped me locked out runners twice. It's also great for getting rid of Employee Strike, though since people are slotting it more in my meta I might have to include Cerebral Static.

2 Apr 2016 GentlemanGamer

Can confirm: sec-testing + desperado + masonori will walk all over museums and bio-ethics. You'll have infinite money but no win condition.

2 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

I've been able to beat it so far. Even Andromeda can only have all 3 of those cards early game about 15-20% of the time and if Crim is missing either Desp or testing they have 0 chance.

3 Apr 2016 Heartthrob

Has anyone tried this IRL? online it takes forever to win, and it's torture for both players. That's with Jnet doing all the shuffling. How long does this take face-to-face? It's worse than the other Museum much worse.

Btw you picked the perfect video clip... perfect.

3 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

I've you've got to play very fast and intuitively and shuffle quickly. I've finished almost all my IRL games in <30.

3 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

You've got to play very fast and intuitively and shuffle quickly. I've finished almost all my IRL games in <30.

3 Apr 2016 hsiale

Yes, I think with enough practice you can finish games in time with this deck. I took it to a tournament today with no practice at all and during 5 rounds went to time once (won all other games, only once more being close to running out of time).

4 Apr 2016 extatix

If this becomes the new meta, anr is pretty much dead.

4 Apr 2016 ZiNOS

The deck is really strong and sick. I would not take it to a tourney though since I think that however fast I play, my opponent will take a long time to think and react, ending in a really long match.

@TheBigBoy I faced a spin of your list that included a dreaded Product Recall. It was played for 20 credits or something.... Jeez man, maybe you should try it, too much money. The 2nd list I faced also included a Caprice.... it wqas installed on Archives and my Noise (with Archives Interface) cried... and lost.

4 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

@ZiNOSI'm also on the 1x Caprice tech now. It's dirty.

4 Apr 2016 ZiNOS

@TheBigBoy More than dirty man.... Filthy! Ok, you have created a monster. Any ideas on how we fight it? (the whole deck, not just Caprice).

4 Apr 2016 Boughner

@TheBigBoy What did you cut to get the Caprice? Are you down to 49 cards like Calimsha? What all did you cut/add?

4 Apr 2016 The Lord of Hats

I watched the games against Kate, and the defining phrases of those games were "I can beat this with Kate no problem", later followed by "I don't think I can win anymore"

4 Apr 2016 ren666

I can only imagine beating this with at LEAST 2 Employee Strikes, no matter what runner you use. SoT to keep it online. Assuming you run a Net Shield or a Feedback Filter (to ease the Hostiles), you would need to Strike, then run in the same turn, taking down the 3 most offensive assets.

Surely Employee Strike is the key?

4 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

If you play Whizzard and open with Wyldside + econ you pretty much can never lose.

7 Apr 2016 BobAloVskI

Mumbad City Hall makes this deck insane. If you can have it in hand when the runner is sightly poor you can install it and get 2 Museum of Historys out. If they cannot trash two of those the cards that turn, you can just take the game away from them. At the very least they will have to spend a few turns getting money, running archives, trashing assets and then drawing.

I assume the best way to beat this deck if you get behind is to ignore the remotes, try and dig through R&D and hope you don't see Snare!s.

9 Apr 2016 triorph

This should have been dotw, but at least now it will be a bigger surprise when I use it against people :)

10 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

Sadly I put it up in the final hour or 2 of last week.

Obviously I agree though. Damn technicalities.

13 Apr 2016 EnderA

I've tried IG w/ City Hall, and I've found I want another Heritage Committee in the deck, for the turns where I either want to use it twice or one's still in archives. It's insane. Perhaps -2 Pad, +1 Hostile, +1 Heritage?

I wish properly implemented City Hall + Heritage. Right now it neither lets you look at R&D before you choose what to grab, nor shuffles after you replace the card.