Brain-Taping Warehouse + Surat City Grid

CactusJack 117

Not my idea at all. Someone else's, and if he's on here, I hope he leaves a comment.

The idea is to rez ICE on the runners turn, reducing the cost by 6 with the BTW and SCG combo.

How does that work? I'm not entirely sure.

2 Apr 2016 forktines

Try putting in some Executive Boot Camp with your spare inf.

2 Apr 2016 CactusJack

@forktinesThis deck needs many things. Executive Boot Camp might be a good addition - probably replace Advanced Assembly Lines. The goal is, however, to rez several pieces of ICE on the Runner's turn, and not on your turn.

2 Apr 2016 icecoldjazz


There's a name I haven't heard in a while. Reminds me of my old Magic days...

Anyways, this concept is fun to play with. I think it's better out of EtF. This is what I've been toying with:

+3 Breaker Bay Grid
+3 Eve Campaign
+2 Global Food Initiative ••
+2 Accelerated Beta Test
+1 Corporate Sales Team
+2 Turing
+1 Viktor 2.0
+1 Ichi 1.0
+2 Ichi 2.0
+1 Architect •
+2 Ash 2X3ZB9CY
-3 Green Level Clearance
-3 Advanced Assembly Lines
-3 Bifrost Array
-3 Project Wotan
-2 Viktor 1.0
-2 Vikram 1.0
-3 Restructure
-1 Brain-Taping Warehouse

2 Apr 2016 thesm17

@CactusJack I posted this deck idea on Stimhack on the Stronger Together thread, but I actually thought of the idea after listening to Run Last Click, where one of them briefly mentioned the idea of it. They get the credit :)

2 Apr 2016 CactusJack

@thesm17Cool, thanks for giving credit where credit is due.

@icecoldjazz I was not aware of that Magic card/image until now, what a lovely coincidence. There is also this: Cactus Jack's Bar. I will have to try out your version.