Puttin' on the Ritz

rustingrevolver 21

The goal of the deck is two very simple synergistic combos for dear new Nero. Sip on your wine with Au Revoir as you face check the servers, and once you have a rat to Snitch for you on what ice is guarding those servers start raking in the credits while keeping a little insurance scheme going on with your 'friend' Kati. Hire out some thugs to spray some Gang Signs around the network and let those HQ Interfaces let you see their entire hand. Of course, what was left of the hand after you had your anti-corporate 'associates' raid and the corporate hand.

If you're lucky, you barely have to lift a finger. If you don't know where to run you can can always go where fashion sits.

2 Apr 2016 TKO

some thoughts

why not switch gordian blade for ZU.13 Key Master ? with desperado out and 2 link you'd have enough memory for everything saving money and deck slots removing the dysons.

this allows to slot Political Operative the Clot of this cycle. The most game changing card that has been released in a long time.

I still think Au Revoir is a trap, but it's fun to see people try it.

3 Apr 2016 jmbostwick

If you remove the Dyson,s you lose the second link, meaning you'd still have to find some other way to get up to 2 link.

Given how often you're running and jacking out, why not swap Desperado for Nero's console, Reflection. It'll help you time your CBI raids, and your runs will be more likely to be unsuccessful than successful anyway.

5 Apr 2016 rustingrevolver

@jmbostwick The first incarnation of this deck definitely included Reflection but I found the expose was not particularly useful. This may change, as if I replaced the influence of Desperado with Akamatsu Mem Chip I might be able to find a happy place of consistent link and mem.

@TKO The main reason why Political Operative isn't in the deck is because ... I don't ... actually run HQ that much. >.> I found I wasn't able to install it during games. If it ends up being THAT good in the meta (which it most certainly could) I may reconsider. Just wanted to give my reasoning. Also 45 cards is a harsh mistress.