Haas-Bioroid fast-ish advance?

CyclingNinja 1

The original idea was to use Biotic Labor to fast advance behind 2/3 layers of ICE ie not that much. However this has proved ineffective. So I've got rid of the Aggressive Secretary and Project Junebug which were in there for surprise! factor and put in some more ICE and changed up the Agendas a little bit.

Any ideas? I'm locked into this ID for a bit while I play in a league. Fairly new so be nice.

2 Apr 2016 TKO

Project Ares could possible be the worst agenda in the game. it only barely does something if you midseasons them to cover them in tags and then psychographics it out.

ETF doesn't want beanstalk royalties. it doesn't trigger your id ability and hb has better ways to make money. eg the robot campaigns.

no Breaker Bay Grid in etf is a crime against nature. it makes the campaigns even more rediculously good.

2 Apr 2016 CyclingNinja

Cheers, TKO. Fair enough on Project Ares, vague attempt to replace the effect of Aggressive Secretary. What would you suggest instead? Director Haas' Pet Project looks fun but potentially entirely unplayable.

What do you think instead of Beanstalk Royalties? Lookin at possibly Launch Campaign? Hadn't thought of the lack of trigger.

Also I want Breaker Bay Grid but i fear my wallet will just walk out on me in disgust if i carry on like this.

2 Apr 2016 TKO

well Lateral Growth is almost strictly better than beanstalk out of etf. it nets you the same number of credits assuming you have something to install. speaking of which the free install is click compression. if you had to find something that's worse about it. it costs 2 gasp.

3 Apr 2016 TKO

wow just realized that card doesn't come out for quite a while.. a lot of great players swear by pet project but it doesn't get used a whole lot. great if you can get it scored early and have a bunch of targets in your hand