Political Rush

staglore 359



Olympic Podium Ice + Big Mama

Anti-AI ice.

A couple of guys from the maintenance department.

And the Snot nosed punk


Mid-Life Crisis Mobile. (Score out of hand w/Slaves/Mayor of Candy Land combo.)

Middle Management (Same song different verse.)

Captain Clipboard (easy fast advanced.)

Never Ending Power Point Presentation (ditto)


Corporate Slaves

Money ... Mo Money

Mo whateva

The Upgrade

That damn receptionist who never directs you to the correct department.


Creepy Human Resources Director

Let them eat cake (get that money/labor back)

Powerthirst Commercial (even mo money)

Pimp yo ride son (Use on runner's turn to exploit The Mission Statement)

Mayor of Candy Land (He is the damn Mayor of m@7her f@#$ing Candy Land. The runner will be aiming for this card as soon as it hits the table. He may need a Kevin Costner or two.)

4 Apr 2016 wynalazca

I love the concept of this deck. It could use some tweaks I think though. I think you should play Breaker Bay Grid if possible (Political Dealings rez for 0!). I'd also consider dropping the Swordsman and Eli 1.0 to run 2 NAPD Contract and 2 Corporate Sales Team as your 4/2 agendas. I'd also probably swap out the NEXT Ice for more a more traditional Ice suite but that might just be my style. Oh, you need Cyberdex Virus Suite and maybe Team Sponsorship somewhere to fight against the Clot lock. Shapers look like they could ruin your day pretty easily.

8 Apr 2016 staglore

@wynalazca Good point. Made some changes to this deck. netrunnerdb.com

9 Apr 2016 dominionmundi

I think this has potential. Can you explain the idea a bit more.