Suratting them Out

Reutan 159

A silly concept-in-progress. Have you ever wanted to rez 3 pieces of ice for a total of 3 credits without being mid run? Have fun. A tad weak to E3 and D4, but I'm still putting it through its paces.

As mentioned further down, Launch Campaign has been replaced with Advanced Assembly Lines, thanks to lolpaca.

5 Apr 2016 x3r0h0ur

I tested this out of foundry with EBC, but it was next ICE, which is mediocre at best. Might be interesitng with BT-W though. Cool.

5 Apr 2016 Reutan

I found that without a lot of 'real' credits to supplement the Surat super-rez, it could end up very poor, which is why it currently contains both Launch and Adonis. Current debates are whether CVS 2, Ash 3, or something else is needed. Some extra burst econ would be fantastic, but the assets/upgrades are needed to set off the Surat cascade.

5 Apr 2016 RubbishyUsername

How do you plan on rezzing out of run? The only card I can see that let's you do that is ABT which seems risky.

5 Apr 2016 Reutan

Surat City Grid allows you to rez another card when you rez something in or protecting this server. So, at the start of the runner's turn, you rez Surat City Grid followed by a Brain-Taping Warehouse. This then allows you to rez every card in that server for -2 credits, with bioroids getting -6. It also allows you to rez one outside of the server with the last trigger.

5 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Instead of Launch Campaign, why not Advanced Assembly Lines? They're 4 net in ETF (assuming you rez + trash at the beginning of the runner's turn), and with the trash ability you can drop an agenda, Ash or just more ice into your scoring server.

5 Apr 2016 Reutan

Not a bad idea, though do note that you probably can't drop an agenda while installing "a non-agenda card".

5 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Ha, oh yeah :P

Still though, AALs are mad in ETF - for one you effectively get 4 and an install. Getting cash while advancing your board position is exactly what the ID does already.

5 Apr 2016 Reutan

Just tried a game with them, and seemed super good at first glance. Only major concern is having them trashed, what with being 1, but that's only slightly worse than Launch.

6 Apr 2016 rojazu

i would try to jam in a janus or 2. with a couple of brain tapings out these will be incredible value

6 Apr 2016 Reutan

Heh, I like the idea, but Janus 1.0 doesn't really make a lot of sense in the deck. 15 is an absurd cost, and with a single Taping/Surat combo still only brings it down to 9. This deck is often not particularly rich, since it's not expecting to spend a lot on ice. It's also only going to be a tax in that situation, as it's not going to be able to be rezzed as a surprise if you want the full discount.

6 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

I think one of the keys here is to start windmilling unadvanced cards the second the combo goes off to create scoring windows

6 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Teveran I think also you may need Fast Track in order to guarantee you can find agendas when you have that window.

6 Apr 2016 Friff14

You said you need burst econ, but you need the assets. Melange Mining Corp. has worked very well for me when I've needed an asset but wanted burst money. Do you think that'd work here?

6 Apr 2016 CaKnuckleguy

I'm liking this a lot with Advanced Assembly Line. Tweaked a few ice here and there as well. It's consistent, and even when all the pieces aren't there for uber-combo-cheap rez, each piece does add value on their own. That's huge for a combo-ish deck to be able to do. Outside of those pieces, you still have classic HB goodies to fall back on. Well designed deck.

6 Apr 2016 Reutan

Thanks for the words of praise, Celebnar! I'm curious, what did you decide to tweak on the ice side? I'm currently looking into testing a 3rd Ash and a Fast Track, perhaps even over one of the Adonis and Archived.

6 Apr 2016 Reutan

@Friff14 I like the cheap rez cost of Melange and how it provides huge amounts of econ, but taking a whole turn off for that cash seems super brutal for 7 when using the Assembly Lines to install something will net you 4 and a more useful install for the same rez/trash in a single click instead of four.

6 Apr 2016 CaKnuckleguy

@Teveran I dropped the Victor 2.0, wasn't a fan of it. Added another Heimdall 1.0 and am very pleased with the result so far. Also my current verison I don't have my GFI's available so I tweaked the agenda to be 3x Proj Vit, 3x ABT, 2x Corp Sales, 2x Hoppers. One less card slot, but two more influence, which lead me to a second Architect because that thing is a monster and some indecision about that last influence right now. But the interactions you can set up off of Assembly Line are just so hot with Surat, I highly highly recommend it instead of Launch Campaign. Remember you have a rez/paid ability window where you can trigger it, install something (like Brain Tapping!) into the Surat-scoring remote, rez it all before the runner can click to run. That wasn very relevant in my last few games testing.

8 Apr 2016 bubbathegoat

It you really need to squeeze in a 3rd Ash 2X3ZB9CY, maybe you can cut Archived Memories and rely on Project Vitruvius for recursion to HQ?

It's basically either CVS or AM to fit a 3rd Ash in, unless you want to cut ICE or econ. I was looking at your list the other day too, and those were the only cards I could pick out that are tech slots.

8 Apr 2016 Reutan

Thanks, bubba, that's almost exactly what I was thinking. Haven't tested it yet, but was looking at trying Ash and a Fast Track over an Adonis and Archived.