The geist who shagged me


I've been having so much fun with this deck in person and online.

Spy Camera: Is just so fun. 3 credits, a draw, technical writer procs, and it sorta replaces multi-access on r&d in that you're almost guaranteed to not waste money running. When you have disposable breakers, each run needs to count. So only run when an agenda is there. Or you can pop one, see a non-agenda, run archives and force jackson use to shuffle the deck. pop another one. Never have used the top part of the card, but it has synergy with street peddler so you don't end up having 2 crucial pieces on a peddler at once like a tech trader and plascrete or something.

I tried the central only breakers and felt so helpless all the time when they would just stack 3 etr code gates or 3 barriers on remotes and then you're screwed congrats you can get in once if you have all 3 spikes and then they just win. Went down to 2 crowbars because you need all the shivs you can get with mongoose's drawback.

Kati Jones: doesn't do a whole lot of work. She always makes about 12 credits and then just sits there the whole game because by the time i take the money off her, i have tech traders set up and the money is just flowing faster than i can spend it. I feel like i would miss her though if she was gone from that early game economy boost and she's an apartment proc so meh.

Would love to have a 3rd crescentus. maybe a second polop, but i'm hesitant to cut any spy cameras. they're basically the economy that replaces account siphon. on top of their utility.