You Must Construct Additional Warehouses

Reutan 159

Ahem, to do this properly:

You Must Construct Additional Warehouses

This is v2.0 of "Suratting them Out", one part Foodcoats, one part value engine combining Surat City Grid and Brain-Taping Warehouse, now with catchier title!

The value engine of the deck rotates around Surat City Grid and triggering it in new and interesting ways. Brain-Taping Warehouse will get you a 4 discount on every bioroid when the runner has 4 unspent clicks, but without a run happening then, how do you get the extra money? Simply rez Surat, then rez something else installed in the server, say that Warehouse, Ash or even Jackson. Now Surat's giving you 2 off everything in that server, plus an additional trigger outside (it does just say "another card", after all)! And the Warehouse (if you only have one) is now getting you another 4 off the Bioroids, for a total of -6 on each! Watch as runners lament as you turn up a Surat, Ash, a Vikram, an Ichi, and a Turing on your scoring server for 6, and throw in that Eli over HQ for giggles.

Of course, even if Surat isn't giving you that massive value, it still offers small perks when used more normally, and can even be bluffed out as other upgrades. It also ups the number of cards you need to have installed in a server before a runner assumes there's an agenda there, if you're looking to sneak out a 3/2.

One of the largest hindrances I noted while developing this idea is that despite rezzing a lot of ice super cheap, we can end up really poor. Enter the excellent suggestion from lolpaca: Advanced Assembly Lines. This not only fetches us 3 when we just install and rez it, but it also allows us another install, often on the runner's turn, triggering our ability again! And it will set off our Surat! The only thing it doesn't do is cost any significant amount of money to trash. Then again, neither did Launch Campaign. So don't stress it.

8 Apr 2016 lolpaca

This is looking mighty fine! Do you find the x2 Cyberdexes worthwhile? I get that it makes you that much safer against Whiz and chums, but it's 2 dead cards against others.

8 Apr 2016 Reutan

Looking fine, with some help from you no less! I've found that it's almost never completely dead, with the possible exception of Shaper. I've purged a lot of Datasuckers in my games, and those have very often been hanging out in Crim. Purging right before they faceplant on an Ichi or Vikram is super-brutal. It also bluffs as another card in a scoring remote. Stick one in with a Surat and an Ash and watch them spend that money!

9 Apr 2016 CactusJack

Neat! Looks like it addresses some of the issues I've encountered with my deck. I'll have to try this out.

9 Apr 2016 syntaxbad

Dammit I wish I'd thought of this combo. Bravo. I will of course have to try it in Stronger Together since I cannot, in good conscience, use Easy Mode (ETF). Also the upcoming Ravana 1.0 looks completely absurd in a bioroid centric deck, ESPECIALLY with the active rezzing you can do using Surat City Grid. It's like Eli 4-6, but stronger AND not on the MWL AND you can use other subroutines when they suit. So good!

10 Apr 2016 Zakalwe

The clever jank of the deck concept and the fact that it includes one of my favourite cards convinced me to try it out.

I have to report that actually playing this deck is rather painful. The ice is super porous and the draws are really uneven. Opening hands and mulligans often include just one ice or no ice at all and Ichi 1.0 is basically useless against a early face-checking.

I did manage to halfway fire the combo once (out of 3 games) but I had so little ice that it made very little impact.

The only thing I can say in favour of this deck is that it has really good econ. However since the ice is super porous that econ can be Vamped and there's not much that can be done about it.

10 Apr 2016 Reutan

Interesting. I do agree that on the whole the ice is rather porous, but I find it very strange that you had so many games low on ice. 17 ice is very standard for a glacier setup, and I'd never hit as few as you sound like you did.