Cyber Poison 1.4

spore 44

After some testing this deck kind of works. First of all, it's janky and fun to pilot. Second it's not a one trick pony.

This is so far constructed on the Braintaping Warehouses idea by @CoderMarvelous and @RunLastClick. They had the same problem as I had so far getting this to do reliant work. It lacks economy.

But don't you worry, from now on we can count on Wayland and their GRDL Refineries. Mushin No Shin with the risk of Cerebral Overwriter and other nasty traps is great to push out 21 credits in 6 clicks. More then enough for a game.

Ryon Knight and Braintaping Warehouse are still a conundrum for the runner if Bioroids are still unrezzed, this will catch a few players and sneak in another Brain Damage.

The Agenda setup is not final yet but 3 Corporate Sales Teams should really stay and ABT is often a huge help when fired.