[Startup] Steve Good Stuff (3-2 at PAX)

webtalon 4

This is my take on a Criminal "Just Good Stuff" deck. Trying to just get as many good cards into the deck as possible, and just run good fundamentals. Multi-access, Ice bypass, good breakers, and recursion.

I like using Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter for the recursion on HQ runs. (Always give the corp a choice of two of the same card when you can) And when the corp starts protecting HQ heavily with ICE, switch to a focus on the 3x The Maker's Eye and just dig through R&D. Or put in Docklands, and just keep running HQ. Or Sneakdoor Beta into HQ... Again, it's all about having good options in my opinion.

The goal of this deck is to always give you good options for getting into a server. I put two sentry breakers into the deck, as Sentries in Startup format are the only ICE that can really hurt on a face check.

I put in Prepaid VoicePAD because there are a lot of run events in the deck, but it's a dead card if you don't get it out early enough. I tried running Ken "Express" Tenma: Disappeared Clone in place of Steve, but it felt like that would cause the Corp to ICE too evenly, and I am really looking for easy R&D runs using The Maker's Eye.

I deleted Emergency Shutdown because if I didn't get it early, it felt too expensive to get a HQ run in just to De-Rez ice. Late game, I just want to get breakers and money. A card I was hoping to find room for was Always Have a Backup Plan, my testing partner got lots of great value out of that card, and I struggled to find what to drop to fit it in.

Overall, it felt like a good deck, I frequently struggled to discard cards, as almost everything in my hand felt useful, which makes me feel like the deck is in a good place.

I'd love to hear others thoughts of how you would tweak this deck in Startup format, it's fun to play.