Actin' Crazy - 4-1 Cambridge Regionals

brooklyn kurtz 33

Why you think I'm out here actin' crazy?

Ma – you know I’m still ya little baby…..

This deck went 4-1 at the pandemonium regionals on 4/9, losing only to whizzard and a poor draw. The goal of the deck is to maintain the kill pressure of typical IG decks, while also presenting an alternate wincon with a fast advance threat. Sensie Actors Union (the best card in the deck, hands down) combined with Political Dealings does this by allowing you to draw four cards at the start of the turn, install an agenda for free, and triple advance to score. The combination of sensie +museum of history allows you to keep all your agendas in RnD while you set up the board with drip economy, bio-ethics, hostiles, and a dealing. Once that’s in place, use Sensie to draw agendas and score out in 4 turns. The deck has three one-ofs: Ronin, CVS, and Snatch and Grab. Ronin and CVS are somewhat self-explanatory, but snatch and grab is actually a critical piece as it allows you to turn your excess creds (which you will have plenty of – I finished 2 games with 45+ creds) into economic pressure on runners, who almost all have at least one connection. In the first round, I played this card four times to trash Aesop’s and keep my opponent (on noise) poor. Architect was the major under-performer, especially given how much influence it costs. It was a mediocre tax and somewhat expensive to rez in the early game, and often irrelevant in the late game. The next version will have pups in that slot and some more spicy one-of assets.

11 Apr 2016 kekzakallu

@brooklyn kurtz I was that poor Noise. Congrats on the 4-1! The alternate wincon was a great threat which only added to the already heavy pressure this deck puts you under. I'm probably going to swap out Palana for something like this.