Money and Power V3

MystRChaos 81

This is my most recent edit of my Blue Sun deck. I've been playing Blue Sun almost exclusively for a while now, and I've faced many issues.

  • Heartbeat + Muresh Bodysuit are both major problems against my Punitive Counterstrike. Issue resolved by Power Grid Overload.

  • Employee Strike cuts me off at the knees early game. Issue resolved with Housekeeping.

  • Asset recursion with Interns and asset tutors with Tech Startup

  • Blue Sun + Clone Suffrage Movement + Oversight AI + (Any big ice) is just a crazy combo.

  • Snatch and Grab + Contract Killer for Theophilius Bagbiter.

  • Elizabeth Mills to deal with Wyldside or any other ridiculous advantage

I wanted to put in a way to trash programs too, but I couldn't find one that doesn't require predictable runner activity.

Please comment! I want to make this deck as good as I can.