Foodcoats - 1st Place Cambridge Regionals (53 people)

tf34 1031

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

I did have a "living the dream" moment I would like to share. Against Dumblefork, I got to four points with a Vitruvius counter. Installed my gfi in a double ice remote and did not advance for a few turns. I had three agendas in hand, so I felt confident that I would not lose even though I let the runner spend a whole turn digging nine cards deep with medium. Next turn I had enough money to biotic, vitruvius counter for biotic, and advance five times for the win. That win advanced me to the winner finals.

10 Apr 2016 HexNet

how do you setup your score without Caprice against wyldcakes decks?
aggressively score behind 1 ice and hope they don't have Faust?
setup 3+ ice and an Ash?
bait runs with Campaigns and aggressively install over them so the runner has to repeatedly check?

I love seeing NAPD back in Foodcoats, especially since a single Caprice was so unreliable.

11 Apr 2016 dtelad11

No Caprice! I love it. Congrats on winning Cambridge, spectating your games was a pleasure.

11 Apr 2016 Captain_Frisk

I was the dumblefork who whiffed with the 9 deep medium!

11 Apr 2016 esutter479

Congrats on your win! I am happy to see that ETF is back with a vengeance on the Regional scene. I may (depending on how the next few weeks of testing go) or may not use a Foodcoats variant at the Regional I plan on attending next month. How much work did your Crisium do?

11 Apr 2016 wynalazca

Congrats on the W! Never advance a GFI is hilarious. My favorite foodcoats play is to IA a GFI when you're on 4 points then let the runner decide if they want to steal the 4/2 that puts you to 6 on your caprice remote (yes, I still run caprice) or hit R&D some more and then I biotic + 4 advance to win. I make that play every time I can. It's so unexpected.

12 Apr 2016 tf34

@HexNet All the things you mentioned plus playing the "is it NAPD is it GFI?" game.

@esutter479 Crisium did nothing all day but that is because I saw mostly anarchs. I know the moment I cut it I will get siphoned ten times in a row :)