Reg MaxX 2nd Place Florida Regionals 2016

stephenball 998

Since I started playing it, the Reg MaxX style of deck has been by far my favorite runner deck, to the point where I didn't really ever want to play anything else. As we all know, the MWL pretty much tore the standard RegAss MaxX deck apart, as it generally contained around 8 copies of cards that ended up on the list. All this time I've been trying to find the right balance to make it a competitive deck again. It isn't, and probably never will be, as powerful as the old build, but I've been having a lot of success with it, placing second at yesterday's Florida regional (going through the winners bracket before unfortunately dropping both finals games to a great player, congrats again, Tristen).

Basically it plays on the same principals as the old deck, find your pieces, build your rig, keep your money up, and get accesses. The Legwork is missed of course, but you can't have everything. Even before the MWL, I was a huge proponent of cutlery in the Reg MaxX build, always having the Knifed and Spooned. I put in the 2 Scrubber because of the rise of asset spam, but if there would be a card I'd drop from the deck it would be second Scrubber. I don't know what I'd replace it with, maybe an attempt at more money, or even a Progenitor to help against CVS and with MU issues.

I feel like the deck is still strong, even with it's losses. MaxX's ability is so powerful in finding these pieces, and I wouldn't give her up for anything. It's so much fun to play MaxX, and it continues to be a true learning experience. The old deck was difficult to pilot well, and this one is even harder. It's easy to get discouraged, but the power is still there.

One last note: Your chances of winning against IG are roughly like, 2%.

11 Apr 2016 Chamomile

I'm running reg-ass maxx almost like this one. Uhmm... i have some questions. How do you using Atman? We have no Net-Ready Eyes, So we had some problem to beat Lotus Field. And.. Turntable is better than Grimoire? And last one, what do you think about Street Peddler over Scrubber?

11 Apr 2016 stephenball

@Chamomile Atman is there as a utility breaker. Occasionally you see a Lotus Field, and for the decks that are running Lotus Field, they usually have other great 4 strength ICE that Atman 4 works for (Eli, Ichi 1, Tollbooth with a sucker). But against decks that don't run Lotus Field, it can be whatever you need it to be. I've installed it at 6 strength before to deal with Archer, which isn't ideal, but Reg MaxX decks do what they have to to find success.

I do occasionally miss the extra MU of Grimoire, but it's become a way worse console for this build now other than that. I have 5 virus programs total, and the ability to get a token on a Parasite is nice, but not as great when you can't recur them as freely as you used to be able to. Turntable is one of the consoles that can simply win you games, including ones that seemed out of reach, because so many decks now rely on specific agendas. Astro, Nisei, Food, even a Corporate Sales Team. It gives you game against decks that you can struggle against, and that's why even with the occasional MU issue I still would take Turntable every time right now.

When the MWL first came out I tested with both Peddler and Inject in MaxX. They're both fine, but with so many events, I worry about Peddler. There is always the chance that it has three events including your Levy on there. It's rare, but it happens. One time I had to install a second Corroder to free my Levy. Ugly scene. It's a reasonable include, but I would say Inject is better, but I still didn't put it in the deck. Scrubber can be key in matchups like NEH. I think there should be one.

11 Apr 2016 Dr_Feelgood

@stephenball, hey man, nice work keeping regass alive! This is one of the most interesting to play and interactive archetypes indeed. I am not sure about necessity of Atman though. Whe wouldn't we slot Faust instead? Maybe we don't have Wyldcakes, but still drawing a free card. And then we can use those influence on Legwork and 3rd Parasite. Cause I can't imaging playing Maxx without Legwork, it's crucial in beating NEH. Although, have you considered Imps instead of Scrubbers, like in pre-MWL version? Sure, we don't have Grimoire now, but I've used to drop those Imps regardless having the console in play anyway.

11 Apr 2016 stephenball

@Dr_Feelgood All good questions. I did used to have a copy of Faust to save influence, but I found that often times I was running out of steam with it in games that went long. You kind of have to pace out the end of your game with the deck often, and the Atman can give you legs. I have since been testing with -1 Scrubber -1 Atman and +1 Net Ready Eyes and +1 Parasite. Legwork is missed, but you can beat NEH fine without it. I love Imp, but it's just MU issues.