MAKE PREPAID KATE AGAIN! (3rd Place Louisville Regional)

wynalazca 162

I was going to make a terribly punny write-up but decided against it because I'm lazy. This deck feels very similar to the Prepaid Kate of old, but the breaker suite is quite wonky to pilot well. I was inspired by recent success of prepaid stealth Kate winning some decent store champs. I think stealth needs too much support and figured maybe Panchbread would be faster and more flexible. If you have never dropped a gingerbread on the table, it feels so good right now. It surprisingly hits a lot of Ice and has some really strong numbers on it.

I piloted this deck to 3rd place in the Louisville regional. It dropped 2 games on the day. Once in swiss to a Palana and then my final match vs Josh Wilson playing Palana rush. Decks with real ice that can rush very hard are it's worst matchup by far because it needs some extra setup time. Economy feels just a little on the low end so you have to be very wise with where and when you run. I was expecting there to be a decent amount of NEH and there was. I got paired up against NEH 3 times, beat it twice and took an ID against Corwin (who went on to win the tourney) in the final round of swiss.

Notable play of the tourney was scoring a 32 credit Notoriety to win vs Surat City Grid - Brain Taping Warehouse HB combo in the losers bracket. I got to 6 really fast then he started comboing up R&D while I was doing stupid mental gymnastics counting up how much I needed to credit up before I can go for the win. I ended up running through a Heimdall 1, Heimdall 2, 2 Eli R&D, and a Viktor 2 on HQ to score the notoriety. Good times.

10 Apr 2016 itamom420


12 Apr 2016 fredrikc

How and when do you use your Cyber-cypher and when do you use your other tools. I assume that it is a last resort to use it on a scoring remote with multiple turings or similar...

12 Apr 2016 wynalazca

Yes. The cycy was for hitting the bigger and more taxing codegates. Great vs Turing, Tollbooth, and Little Engine which all see play to various degrees. I feel like the rig could use a little work. I could see dropping something for a third pancha, but Kate likes to sit back and wait for the corp to make a move so it wasn't a big deal only having 2. Also with a 3rd pancha you are going to start having MU issues. I generally found myself only having 1 pancha installed for most of my games. You can use pancha+gingerbread to start safely running into key servers and then once a handful of Ice are rezzed you can drop down an Atman to be able to keep your remote lock online while still pressuring R&D.

When building the deck, I took a 46 card version that I had together (had 2 cycy, a Lady, only 2 voicepads, a memchip, and some daily casts) and I fully stripped it away to the essentials. Utopia was added as my pseudo Legwork and also as anti-CI tech which I didn't see any of, and I decided that I didn't need Lady and could get away with 2 pancha and 2 atman with inti to beat the resistors and wraparounds. My stripped away version was at 44 cards and I decided to add the Quality Time as my 45th card to help speed up the deck vs NEH. That is probably the flex slot if you're looking for one.

12 Apr 2016 fredrikc

@wynalazca Thanks for the explaination, it sure looks fun, seems quite a bit faster than the prepaid stealth kate I'm running...

12 Apr 2016 SavageOne316

Why would you use Inti to break resistor when you can use gingerbread?

12 Apr 2016 wynalazca

Good point. I didn't see any resistors all day so I guess it doesn't matter. Either one is the same unless you're tagged.

1 Jun 2016 inniscor

I've tried this deck and it's really fun! I wonder if this wouldn't be good with -1 Utopia Shard -1 Cyber-Cypher +1 Rebirth +1 Gordian Blade or ZU.13 Key Master. That way you can rebirth into Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman against Glacier or Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain against NBN (once you get done with your setup). Or maybe even Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind if you really need the MU for some reason.