ROK's No Bad Cards (top 8 NorCal regionals)

RedOnionKnight 161

This deck went 6-1 on the day, it's only loss was a timed loss in the cut that was the end of the tournament for me. Had time not been called it would have won next turn (had the winning TFP installed and double advanced in a locked down server when time was called) copied from theBigBoy's list of the same name except swapped yagura for second interns because I like getting killed eli and caprice back and I don't like yagura that much. The second interns was the last card in my deck in the game I lost and would have won it for me if time hadn't been called because it got me Jackson back to not lose. A+ deck, plays exactly like a Tennin deck I used to play and love but makes more money which was the problem in the tennin deck.

2x swordsman is awesome. Swordsman net damage does good work even without faust to kill. Definitely didn't miss crick.

Just build 1 remote, put caprice and batty in it, score MK II and the game is basically yours. With 8 agendas you can give up single access on R&D pretty reliably which saves you money rezzing ice there early game. It's all about the remote. You can keep hands with no econ because of palana ability. I kept every hand with an Eli and caprice and was happy every time.

12 Apr 2016 hoonigan116

You talk about Ash in the write up, but it's not in the deck list.

12 Apr 2016 RedOnionKnight

@hoonigan116 Oops meant caprice and batty, my bad. fixed. thanks!