Tennin National Space Camp

quailman2101 245

I've been playing this on Jinteki.net with decent success. The idea is to leave archives undefended but to throw your Shock!s and Space Camps in there. If they run at archives, you don't get your free advancement but the ambushes make up for it. Susanoo is a great at bouncing the runner to archives in order to get some net damage and free advancements. (Hopefully they aren't running Switchblade) Wormhole is to get you a second Susanoo with similar stats and is a platform for advancement tokens. Obviously the Trick of Lights will let you score most of the agendas from hand. Keep your eye open, if the runner has only a card or two in hand and you've got your Shock!s in archives, play the Offer for a free point. You can also install an agenda and then play the Offer if you have a couple Space Camps in archives. I find though, that unless it game point, they won't run. So I usually install Jackson, then play the Offer as a bluff.

If you manage to score a Nisei early, you have probably won! Swordsman are for Faust hate. Criminals are the main problem here. Since you want to keep archives undefended, this deck hates Security Testing and Sneakdoor Beta. You'll have to ice archives if those pop up and you'll probably have a difficult game. But all in all, it works pretty good.

This deck is based on another one I saw on this site awhile ago. Not sure what the name of it was, but dibs to the publisher.

20 Jun 2016 Overmaster

Dude this deck is sick, I love everything about it :) I've always wanted to make Tennin work and this is the perfect fit. I just want you to know you should keep working on it and keep us posted about any updates.