Chain Reaction (Runner)

beyoken 6049

13 Apr 2016 sruman

No kill protection? With Siphons and the fact that Crash Space triggers Tech Traders and Geists ability, seems like it would be worth a spot.

14 Apr 2016 beyoken

@sruman No amount of Crash Space will protect you against the pesky IG kill decks. You have 6 Spy Cameras, 3 Fall Guys, 2 Peddlers and Off Campus Apartments to trigger card draw on the Corp's turn to avoid flatlines. Not harnessing your innate ability to avoid flatlines is a waste.

28 Apr 2016 manveruppd

All 3 videos of you running Geist that I've seen,, and you've never used Levy. Even when you played vs Blue Sun, where you think you'd need to go long! Do you ever need it? It's only really the events plus spy cameras that get recycled.

29 Apr 2016 beyoken

@manveruppd In principle it's like Prepaid Kate - your engine gets ridiculously good late game when you have all 3 PrePaids (in this case, Tech Traders + Off-Campus). In practice you're absolutely right, games shouldn't go long. Feel free to cut it, though the fact that grindy kill decks are about and the lack of sustained economy once your deck runs out compels me to keep the Levy.

6 May 2016 manveruppd

@bewnt No, I understand why it's there, I use Levy too in Geist, but I'm not using the Desperado/sectest run economy, so I rely more on trashing stuff and cycling through my deck for money, so I Levy almost every single game. I was just wondering if maybe having Desperado made the deck not need to Levy as often.

7 May 2016 beyoken

@manveruppd Ah! Well truth be told, the Desperado SecTesting engine turns off after midgame due to all the ICE, unless you're up against a horizontal deck. At that point the Tech Traders carry you through. I haven't played too many games with it; not sure if that means I Levy less/more often!