Preying On IG

Pinkwarrior 2208

If like me your tied of the IG decks on Jinteki at every other match then welcome to the anti meta.

Once a threat is gone keep it that way with the all new Archives Interface. Deals with Stains like MoH, Shock, Snare & Shi Ku forever.

Tired of risking your brain been fried... well Ramujan-reliant 550 BMI is the hardware for you dealing with traps such as Cerebral Overwriter, Junebug & Ronin in an all in one package.

In seriousness the deck work rather well in general against most decks also I have been surprised at the usefulness of the two above cards against other decks and if anyone has any ideas that work better feel free to comment.

13 Apr 2016 Dr.Evil
13 Apr 2016 sruman

Needs more Employee Strike ...

13 Apr 2016 Pinkwarrior

@sruman That could come in handy I feel Archives Interface fills that roll for IG but it would certainly be another way to counter IG.