Typical Noise (Tulsa Regional 6th Place)

hasuprotoss 345

This is the deck I piloted to sixth at the Tulsa regional on Saturday, April 9th, 2016. Pacer Stringfellow is the mind behind this deck.

The deck went 4-3 overall, beating 2x NEH, ETF, and SYNC and losing to 2x NEH and Tennin.

Overall, Lamprey and Medium were, imo the weakest cards. Maybe an Archives Interface is a good include?

Faust allows you to basically have a Faerie, and helps you avoid most bad ice. Street Peddler gives you instant speed threats against FA and CI. Imp is the MVP in the current asset spam meta.

Overall, make only the runs you need to make, mulligan for Wyldside, and pressure the Corp through efficient Imo usage.

13 Apr 2016 itsbigfoot

should I install my wyldside before or after checking for archangel

13 Apr 2016 hasuprotoss

@itsbigfoot Obviously before. It then turns your Wyldside into a 3 credit Vamp! What great value!


14 Apr 2016 tonybluehose

I don't always install Wyldside, but when I do, I like to install it twice thanks to Archangel