HB (6th Place Tulsa Regional)

hasuprotoss 345

This is the deck I piloted to sixth place at the Tulsa Regional on April 9th, 2016. Pacer Stringfellow is the man behind deck's build and Quandary was a Zach Cavis idea.

The deck went 4-2 on the day, beating CT, Whizzard, Leela, and Kate while dropping games to Haley and Val.

The idea is simple, run campaigns, money up, defend threats, score out. Quandary allows you to be aggressive and go horizontal against CyCy decks. Crisium Grid goes on whichever of HQ or R&D it needs to go on (and is what I save my Archived Memories for in all siphon matchups). Biotic Labor helps seal games up, if needed.

Don't be afraid to over advance Project Vitruvius, counters on it are amazing. You can also IA an Accelerated Beta Test to allow for a Jackson install if things go awry.

14 Apr 2016 rwknoll

Glad to see Foodcoats still doing well, as I plan to run it this weekend for the Michigan regionals. I just think it's more fun and fits my play style better than anything else out there.

What are your thoughts on Enigma vs. Viper? Part of me likes that you can't ignore Enigma with either clicks or cash, so it's a true gear check. But it's also strength 2 vs. Viper's 4 for the same rez cost, and if they're running low on credits, Viper's tax is solid.

14 Apr 2016 hasuprotoss

@rwknoll Viper would be a great choice. Especially with Quandary performing the role of early hard end the run. I just haven't played it in at least a year.