Gagarin SMASH

alientoyshop 863

27 Apr 2016 D4KEN

@alientoyshop thx for sharing this on jnet. I'm thinking of changing Executive Boot Camp with Tech Startup. The point is with a Tech Startup you can pull of and install an Commercial Bankers Group or Sensie Actors Union with the beginning of your turn and get still the benefit in the same one. With Executive Boot Camp you loose a click and a turn. The downsize is you can't play mindgames and are forced to install the pulled of assets. That's bad with Ronin or Contract Killer. Or did't you include ECB as Blackmail counter to rez ICE, i guess not.
And with the Hedge Fund you are right i helps lot in early.

27 Apr 2016 D4KEN

@alientoyshop to be honest i'm stupid ;) Tech Startup triggers in 1.2 and there is no window to rez the CBG or SAU. So EBC are the better choice ;) - so next time i'm better think twice before posting