Faster Advance (NEH)

internet_potato 938

With Political Dealings, runner-turn draws (kindly provided by the charming Lily Lockwell) and enhanced with Daily Business Show you can install agendas on the runner turn.

These cannot be clotted, since the install occurs on the runner turn (and you advance/score on your turn). AstroScript Pilot Program and/or SanSan City Grid open up more options.

Basic game plan is to ice R&D pretty hard (you want to have a lot of agendas in there to draw), set up asset econ, and protect SSCG / PD.

This is a work in progress (could probably lose some econ for more cheap/taxing ice to discourage asset trashing), but it feels pretty strong. I think that it's probably not a good idea to sink too much effort into runner-turn draws, since political dealings is must-trash and we don't have a lot of ways to get it back in play.

Would love feedback!

Cards I've considered (would probably drop a Launch Campaign for one), in decreasing order of priority:

  • Team Sponsorship: I hear this card is pretty good, we have a lot of assets that the runner will want to trash (and CVS).
  • Advanced Concept Hopper: mild econ bump, can use its ability to install off-turn for NEH draw. Would need to scare up an extra inf for it.
  • Errand Boy: lots of subs, can trigger more runner-turn draws.
  • Panic Button: this is probably too janky. If they run HQ last click, you can pump it until you see an agenda. If it's not last click, though, this probably won't be helpful (except in win-more cases where you can install more agendas than they can steal with the rest of their turn to close out the game).
15 Apr 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Team Sponsorship certainly seems prudent, especially when you have Political Dealings in the bin. You could replace the NAPD Contract with another Explode-a-palooza for the influence for one, or possibly the Architect for a full set. You'd just need to find the slots.

I think you'll have trouble running Advanced Concept Hopper out of .

15 Apr 2016 internet_potato

Thanks, that makes sense. I actually realized that I was playing it last night with 2 explode-a's and 1 free influence, but swapped one for an NAPD this morning (potentially because last night I had an opponent that specifically said "I'm so glad that NAPD isn't seeing as much play now, since that is super annoying to deal with"). Will try both ways.

Architect is definitely also on the chopping block for influence, though non-trashable ice is nice against dumbleforks.

15 Apr 2016 internet_potato

... now that I'm thinking about it, this deck folds so hard to whizzard's trashing skillz that the matchup is practically a lost cause (and putting in an Architect to tech against it is not a great use of influence).