Consciousness Mapping: An Advanced Bioroid Process

Stealthy 13

In the heart of Surat, a new factory opens. Not only is this the most advanced facility in the world, a secret drives it's incredibly cheap and quick output of Bioroids: Consciousness Mapping. Jackson Howard was brought in with Blue Level Clearance for an advisory role.

The warehouse fuels the efficient construction of Haas-Bioroid's old favorites (Eli 1.0, Ichi 1.0) and it's newest model designed in nearby Kala Ghoda (Vikram 1.0).

The idea here is to install a Surat City Grid with Brain Taping behind 3-4 pieces of Bioroid Ice, use a Mumba Temple to rez Surat, rez Brain Taping at the beginning of the runner's turn, and get a nice 4 credit discount off of every piece of ice in that server! Every time you rez something in the Surat server, you can rez another card, regardless of which server it's in or protects. You can rez all 4 of those Bioroids before the runner even knows what's happening and then rez one more piece of ice in another server. Add a Surat to R&D or HQ to chain out even more Bioroid ice! Plus, the first one you rez per turn adds another copy to your hand. Pretty soon, you have FREE glacier built up. Start scoring out! Ash adds extra security to your Surat server when you're ready to install an agenda over the Brain Taping Warehouse and start scoring.