I want to sell this game if I keep playing this

say200426 623

I played this today in casual play,and I have to say it's never interesting at all, but powerful.

My deck runs Political dealings, Sensie Actor and Mumbad City hall.

I think the latter one is broken as hell because you only need one click to tutor and install your Mumbad Temple and Museum of History.Which means I only take two turns to install all my crazy Alliance cards and spend one credit in total.(Because of your Mumbad Temple)

After you set all of your lovely alliances, all you need to do is protecting archives and keep some agendas in it(for those you cannot FA out). and start rezzing all of your assets with your Mumbad money.

Now, you just need to wait your bio-ethics and Hostile out. I cannot see how I will lose from now on.

The Sensie is also broken as hell in IG, free card draws(effectively draw 2.)and also put cards you don't want to keep in your HQ to R&D. Combos with political dealing, thank god they didn't give Jinteki that many 3/2s.

I am not salty about IG, since it gets popular after 1.5 cycle than it's appearance which means the ID is not broken.

The main problem is from the hell Mumbad cycle that prints tons of broken Assets.I can name 7 cards from Mumbad cycle so far that pumps IG a lot and making it boring and broken. Don't forget while the whole card pool in Mumbad cycle so far is only 30 cards on Corp side.

Museum of History

Bio-ethics Association

Mumbad City Hall

Sensie Actors Union

Mumbad Temple

Political Dealings

Heritage Committee

This is the broken order I think in my opinion.

MoH, broken everywhere, that's the biggest probelm I think.I don't even want to comment this card. Definitely the best corp card ever printed after JH.

Bio Association, it's clearly too good. No cards in the game could do net damage when runner didn't do anything actively.(Except Ronin which ask the corp to advance it 4 times before it does anything and one time use.)

MCH because the tutor speed is too broken, How can you tutor it and play it at the same click? which means the draw is free with tutor effect, and tutor the card that is the best in the deck.

Sensie because it helps IG filter and do somehow tutor effect further. Also helps it pile up the Archive.

Mumbad temple is untrashable and reusable infinite money in IG.

Political Dealings which gives something IG doesn't do before : Fast Advance. With the help from Sensie, it's an easy and low cost FA. But thanks to the agenda in Jinteki, so we don't gain that much from this. Only 4 agenda is FA-able, and if you get 1 Medical Breakthrough stolen, you will have 6 FA-able which is OKAY. So I don't think this one is OP.

Heritage Committee? Yes, because you play MCH. The broken search and draw effect is clear enough by my post after everyone's discussion. You can see your top decks first then decide if you want to use this. Only one copy of this will be totally enough, because you have MoH to shuffle it back and use it again.

I am really salty about this cycle. I don't think the game is fun at all with IG. Without these cards combination I mentioned above, I think Netrunner is still fine.

Let me know if you don't like my comment. I am okay with all kinds of opinion

17 Apr 2016 HuskerDu

How can Museum be fixed? Hate Cards? (Archives Interface is NOT enough) MWL? Make it Unique?

17 Apr 2016 say200426

I would say MWL.

17 Apr 2016 HuskerDu

Yeah, the removal of late-game-corp-weakness and prevention from decking is really unfun as a runner. While they're adding that to the MWL (in theory) it would be nice to see Desperado off and Faust on.

17 Apr 2016 Putzlappen

I think everyone is overreacting. This deckarchetype is nowhere unbeatabel. You have to get comfortable with checking archives and take some shock dmg more often and then just trash evrything you can. IG cant win without the horizontal game, building it up is kinda IG's winkondition. If you take that away, they are unable to do anything. Just run archives as soon as facedown cards are in there, no fear of shocks! Sure its painfull but you have to adjust your playstyle and then imho its not any worse then NEH. Also you can tech against assets with imps, scrubbers, the shaper bird or political operative. But teching against an archetype is also nothing new, thats part of the game. Im very ok with this cycle and IG!

17 Apr 2016 HuskerDu

@Putzlappen Good call, but almost all of the tech mentioned is in anarch, which dominates enough of the field as it is. The shaper options are not as good as the anarch ones, and crim have next to nothing. I think it's the runner side of the game which needs to be leveled, not the corps.

18 Apr 2016 Swiftie

With only sundew how does the deck do for money? I know temple is good but would pad not be a better option?

18 Apr 2016 say200426

PAD is clunky, not worth the slots.

19 Apr 2016 LazerDoofus

@say200426 how does this list fair against archives interface?