Minh MaxX (1st Place @ Gamer's Haven SC)

CrimsonWraith 3594

My first place Runner deck from the 22-player Gamer's Haven Store Championship on March 12th, 2016. I went 5-0 with it and decked my opponent on four occasions. As always, DLR MaxX sets up ridiculously fast and can still take folks completely by surprise. Minh already has an excellent write-up on his list (linked in the Derived From section below) that highlights all the deck's basics.

I swapped 2x Dirty Laundry out for 2x Scrubber. I felt like I needed more ways to deal with assets that recur cards like Museum of History and Team Sponsorship after a few tough match-ups with DLR Leela in my other store champ win a couple weeks prior. In the end, I played against Haas-Bioroid all day long in this event and never needed to install or use the Scrubbers.

I never felt the need for three copies of Joshua B., so I swapped one copy out for an experimental DDoS. DDoS proved very effective for nailing the Corp with Siphons or getting into a remote that they felt was secure. It is certainly not necessary and remains a flex spot for the deck, but it worked well at this event.

I went back and forth a bit on Utopia Shard. Several people have substituted Hades Shard in its place, which is almost always absolutely useless in this archetype when piloted the way Minh does. Generally speaking, by the time there's enough points in Archives to win the game, you can just as easily deck the Corp. I like the Utopia slot, but ultimate decided to use that influence on a Femme Fatale instead. It has good synergy with the Retrieval Run, gives you even further options for finagling your way into a server alongside DDoS, and it gives you an option for breaking Swordsman should one find its way onto HQ.

And... that's about it. As always, pipe in with any questions and I'll be happy to field them. =)

18 Apr 2016 Thike

Did you face any of the boogeyman IG decks? That's the one match-up that worries me with Minh MaxX these days.

18 Apr 2016 CrimsonWraith

I didn't, played 4 HB decks and 1 Blue Sun. I'm nervous about the IG pairing myself. If anyone wants to pipe in with advice on how DLR MaxX handles that match-up, I'd love to hear it, because I'm at a loss.

21 Apr 2016 Myriad

Councilman seems like it would do well in this deck.