Punitive Palana - Blow 'em away!

bracketbot 58

I recently played this deck at a local game night, and I did relatively well with it, ending up in 5th, with 2 wins, 2 losses (1 to time on a very unlucky HQ access). I think it has quite a bit of potential.

There are a few reasons I think this deck is good and well positioned in the meta currently:

1) Mushin is utilized very well in this deck. Vanity Project is one of the best things you can possibly Mushin out, as it can be Mushin'd and then scored the following turn, putting you a single score away from winning. Once you're in this position, almost anything with at least 2 counters on it is a must-run for the runner, which feeds into your traps.

2) Punitive, along with Neural EMP can kill an ambitious runner very easily. Having 3 Snares, and a good amount of net damage ICE in the deck means that often the runner won't have a lot of cards in hand, meaning you can Punitive + EMP for the win. This is part of the reason for running no copies of Celebrity Gift -- you don't really want to reveal the meat damage plan until they are flatlined.

3) This is a pretty vertical deck, and most of the time you'll be at a single remote server. This means that stuff like Apocalypse/Hacktivist Meeting/Whizzard/other anti-horizontal cards aren't going to hit you that hard.

4) Agendas. The agendas in this deck I think are quite strong. You're running 6, and often, they will have to score 3 in order to win, because GFI + Vanity don't win for them. On top of that, half of your agendas are TFP. Between TFP and Punitive, Film Critic can be quite strong, which is why I'm running 2 Snatch and Grab.

5) Palana for money. This deck relies on operations as its main source of econ, so having the Palana drip is very useful. The extra money lets you win traces for Snatch and Grab, Punitive and to pay for accessed Snares. The ICE suite goes for taxing and net damage, but is relatively cheap.

Anyway, I've been very satisfied with this deck, and it has performed well IRL and on Jinteki. Give it a try! Blow 'em away!